Breaking Breaking the Silence

star-Breaking-the-Silence_150Action Item

Received an ad on social media from the New Israel Fund (N.I.F.)? The gist is that Ben Gurion University awarded the NGO known as Breaking the Silence (BtS) ( שוברים שתיקה in Hebrew) the Berelson Prize for Jewish-Arab Understanding(!) and then rescinded as not in the national consensus, and liable to give a appearance of political bias. N.I.F. want you to ‘compensate’ Breaking the Silence by donating them the 20,000 NIS (slightly over $US5,000) prize. Five Minutes for Israel wants you to use the window N.I.F. have opened to tell them what you think. Continue reading

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FRANCE 24 – Sabra & Shatilla Revisited

France 24 missed Lebanon

Lebanon has had no shortage of massacres in its brief modern history. Sabra and Shatilla was only one of them but the Jews were involved, however indirectly, so it is no surprise that France 24 focusses on it. They revisit – Five Minutes for Israel visits their revisit. Continue reading

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Je suis Tel Aviv

star-jesuistelaviv_150No more words needed

je suis tel aviv

Facebook profile

je suis Tel Aviv 300X300

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star-holocaust-cartoons_1502nd Holocaust Cartoon Contest

It’s perhaps odd that we choose to discuss a contest making ‘fun’ of one of the most monstrous events in human history. Perhaps we do it so you won’t have to.

If you wish to see for yourself the ‘winners’ are available at Iran Cartoon. No link as we have no desire to push this to the front of search engines. The Israel/Jew Haters will find them without any help from us.

Please only share versions that have been defaced and labelled as propaganda. Although Photoshop is probably the ideal tool to achieve this even WINDOWS Paint will do an adequate job. Continue reading

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More map reading

star-Israel-in-America_150Between criticism and anti-Semitism

The map that Naz Shah shared on Facebook, and had the political nous to back away from, still shows up on social media. The question is whether this is just BS or is it evil BS. Calling for the ethnic cleansing of 7 million people strikes me as erring on the evil side. Do the posters actually believe that they have posted something wise or do they think they are being funny?

About a month ago Rachel Smalley. of the NZ Herald used it  as a hook to lay a charge that Israel is beyond criticism. Ms. Smalley didn’t introduce any new ideas. So in a sense this is the response I should have written, analysing the graphic and the larger argument wherever it is raised.  Continue reading

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Responsabilité Française

star-France-Israel-150France-Israel not lovers/not friends

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says the decision to vote in favour of a UNESCO report that ignores any Jewish link to Jerusalem was a ‘mistake’. French President Francois Hollande says it was a ‘misunderstanding’ and promises France ‘will not support any similar resolutions in the future’. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve says ‘it should not have been adopted’.

Then, France votes at the annual assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) for a resolution that singles out Israel for censure, and no other country, for creating supposed health violations. Continue reading

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Arab is the new Black

star-Bouattia_150Mallia Bouattia

When I first saw Mallia Bouattia’s very pale face and was informed she was the British National Union of Students Black Students Officer my first instinct was to ask is she another Rachel Dolezal? Rachel, if you recall, was a white woman, with more than her share of psychological issues, self-identifying and accepted as black. It turns out I guessed wrong. N.U.S. simply redefined black to include of African, Caribbean, Arab and Asian descent. Learning more about Ms. Bouttia I’m beginning to think the two are not so far apart.
Continue reading

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One serve of Judicial with extra …


For the last couple of weeks I have been feeling like the entire world (the Israel advocacy part, of course) disagreed with me. The only ones to agree with me seem to be nobodies like the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, the Minister of Defence Moshe Ya’alon and the Chief of the General Staff Gadi Eisencort — and the IDF legal department – the Military Advocate General. The decision to charge Sgt. Elor Azar, the soldier from Hebron with manslaughter was not only the correct call — it was the only one. Continue reading

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Petitioning UNESCO

International Legal Forum StandwithUsAction ItemsThe Jewish Israel Connection

Stop Denying the Jewish Connection to Israel and the Holy Sites

Five Minutes for Israel hasn’t published an Action Item for some time which is a pity as this was this websites original purpose. But we haven’t forgotten.

Please sign and share this petition on Click on link above or International Legal Forum (ILF)/StandWithUs graphic. Continue reading

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Inconsistent BBC

star-BBC-agenda_150BBC hypocrisy in action

BBC emphasises a Jewish criminal’s religion. It would never do so with a Muslim terrorist.

The BBC leans over backwards not to mention the ROP when they commit crimes in the name of religion but has no problem labeling this man’s religion in both the headline and the introductory paragraph.

Nor would it mention what happens to gays in the Muslim world.


Craig Levin wrote an immediate letter of complaint. Published with his permission.

Jerusalem Gay Pride: Ultra-Orthodox Jew convicted of murder over stabbing

The article reports the conviction of the gay parade stabber. You shamelessly identify him as an ‘Ultra-Orthodox Jew’, as if this has something to do with the crime for which he was convicted. Your organisation would never identify any other religion even when large numbers of adherents of that religion commit atrocities in the name of that religion. in fact your organisation will go out of its way to point out that the suspect(s)/perpetrator(s) and their crimes/misdeeds/terror have nothing to do with the religion in whose name the suspect/perpetrator has claimed to act.

There are clergy of that religion that promote such violence and claimed adherents who support and celebrate the murders, bombings etc. You do not wish to malign this religion, nor its adherents many of who are peaceable and non-murderous.

There is nothing in the act of this individual that reflects Ultra-Orthodox Jews or Judaism, nor are there Rabbis or other Ultra-Orthodox leaders promoting or perpetrating violence against, gays, non-believers, apostates. Nevertheless your reporter, and no doubt your editorial staff are perfectly content that this INDIVIDUAL, lone wolf, acting contrary to all Jewish law and practice as taught and followed by ultra-orthodox Jews, needs to be identified as ultra-orthodox.

You clearly do not fear insulting Jews, Ultra-Orthodox or others, and unequivocally associate Ultra-Orthodox Jews with terror and murder.

I have no doubt that you will fail to answer this complaint by acknowledging the anti-Antisemitism, prejudice, bigotry and inaccuracy of your report. Nor do I anticipate that you will investigate what ULTRA ORTHODOX leaders and believers teach about murder. You know that despite your distasteful and insulting slur on religious Jews you will not fear anything stronger than letters of protest. You will not fear that ultra-Orthodox rabbis will declare Jewish Jihad against you, nor will your journalists be targeted by ultra-orthodox Jews.

BBC Editorial Guidelines on Religion

BBC-Editorial-GuidelinesReligion editorial principles

  • We will ensure that the beliefs and practices of the great world faiths† are described accurately and impartially.
  • We will ensure the religious views and beliefs of an individual, a religion or religious denomination are not misrepresented, abused or discriminated against, as judged against generally accepted standards.

Major fail on both points, we think.

† Only great world faiths? How do they decide? The sloppy wording suggests minor faiths can be ridiculed, doesn’t it?

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