I’m gonna sue!!! Part too

Ahmad Al-GamalLegal issuesTurkey hunting

Most comments I have heard about Ahmad Al-Gamal’s call for legal suits against Israel, Turkey, Britain and France focus on the ridiculousness of Egypt suing Israel for the Exodus and to be fair I spent much time on it I’m gonna sue Part 1 However the rest of Al-Gamal’s article should not be lost to criticism. In many ways it is more interesting, more revealing and may even have a shot at success. Continue reading

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Building and rebuilding

star-wreckingRIBAReverse the Royal Institute of British Architects Boycott of Israel

To accuse Israel of a human rights crime by building is like accusing the little piggy who built a house from bricks of cruelty to wolves.

As with so many BDS resolutions the British Architect’s boycott resolution was conducted by a tiny minority of the organisation’s members with no prior notice. Continue reading

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I’m gonna sue!!!!

star-EgyptThe-man-who-sued-GodAll’s fare in love and law

To predictable merriment an Egyptian journalist, Ahmad Al-Gamal, has announced that Egypt should sue Israel for the Ten Plagues; Turkey for damaging the Egyptian psyche during the Ottoman occupation and Britain for forcing the Egyptian upper class to be mean to the Egyptian lower class (I’m a former Aussie so I can relate to that one. Screw the Pommie Bastards!)

The whole idea reminded me so much of the wonderful Australian film, The Man Who Sued God,  that at first I thought Al-Gamal was hiding behind an Israel bash to make some satirical points about Egypt. Now I think he might even be serious and perhaps unconsciously in the process allowed some deep-seated Egyptian insecurities to emerge. Continue reading

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BDS damp squib

star-waterA dripping tap is a form of torture

More BDS BS. Every time an Israeli company loses a tender bid BDS claims that victory is inevitable. It is unfortunate that an Israeli consortium, led by Mekerot, failed to win an Argentinian contract but not a cause for the crowing.

Rejoin the real world. Companies make failing bids all the time.

What part of ‘The critical objections were the price tag ($170 million in 2012 when the bid was presented), and the inappropriately close relationship between Mekorot’s local partners – 5 de Septiembre, Mako and Eleprint – and the provincial government and water company. In addition, the project failed to guarantee potability because it ignored the deteriorated condition of La Plata’s distribution pipes, according to Adolfo Ruiz, an engineer in the regional government’s water department and representative of the trade union ATE Hidraúlica’ don’t they understand?

BDS was at most a secondary consideration.

Continue reading

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star-kerryfatState of Israel - National SymbolRecognising Israel as the Jewish State

Two recent events inspired me to write about Israel as the Jewish State, something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, perhaps as long as I can remember.  The first was the recently uncovered video clip of Yassar Arafat acknowledging Israel as the Jewish State, which you can view in this post (Thank you YouTube). The second was U.S. Sec. of State John Kerry’s statement to Congress that Israel was making a great mistake by asking/ demanding it. Continue reading

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PuRim SaMeAcH

star-purim_2014Happy Purim

The cynics say that seizing the Klos-C was timed to coincide with the AIPAC conference but those really in-the-know see it was timed for Purim! The festival  celebrates the defeat of an ancient enemy in Persia, known today as the Islamic Republic of Iran. If there’s one thing the Jews know how do, it’s read a calendar.

Purim involves heavy drinking, barracking for the good guys, booing the bad and pretending to be someone you are not. Something like Carnival or Mardi Gras or Premier League football or every other day. Continue reading

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Klos-C Press Conference – Eilat, Part 2

star-Kloss-CKlos-C route mapThe main event

The journalist’s plane with several Government people arrived after midday.

It’s quite a change to be allowed to photograph in a military base. Usually that’s forbidden, even when they are open to hundreds of thousands of visitors on Independence Day.

I wandered around photographing neatly ordered rockets, mortars, bullets, ships, small boats, bags of cement, other media people and foreign guests in uniform until even for a shutterbug like me I had enough. Continue reading

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Klos-C Press Conference – Eilat, Part 1

star-Kloss-CGPOUnpacking the Klos-C

What do you do when someone invites you to a party? In Hebrew a press conference is a mesibat intonayim (מסיבת עיתונאים) literally a journalist party.  Late yesterday I was invited to fly down to Eilat to see the pile of munitions that hadn’t reached Gaza. Cost me a lot more than I expected but I was already there so I shrugged my shoulders and this blog post is the result. Party on! Continue reading

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BBC: Agenda or just sloppy?

star-BBCGaza near Khan YounisReturn of the ‘scare quotes’

So much to object to in this latest uncredited offering from the BBC. It starts from a misleading headline, Israelis shoot dead ‘mentally ill’ woman near Gaza barrier, and goes downhill from there. Continue reading

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Open letter to Onavo

star facebook

An open letter to Facebook’s representatives in Israel

Rehovot, Israel February 27, 2014

Onavo, Inc. Palo Alto, CA 94306 cc. Onavo General Inquiries, Onavo Press Inquiries

Attention: Mr Guy Rosen and Mr.Roi Tiger

Dear Messrs Rosen and Tiger,

Your company Onavo’s recent acquisition by Facebook was a source of pride for many Israelis. This was not simply because a profitable exit is the goal of many or even most Israeli hi-tech start-ups but because you insisted that the company remains in Israel. Instead of yet another example of Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation moving out you have invited a giant to set up in Israel. Onavo’s Tel-Aviv office will remain open for business and will become Facebook’s new Israeli office.

It is because of your pride in Israel I am writing this open letter to both of you. It’s possible that you had a chance on your way to work to read this article, Appeal to Zuckerberg: Remove antisemitic content from Facebook in today’s Maariv. Perhaps some of your staff have brought it to your attention. Given the support for the protest, currently at about twelve and a half thousand (12,500 +) and growing at more than one thousand per day that figure could reach fifteen thousand confirmed online attendees, all of whom have Facebook accounts, by the end of the month. Other news media, worldwide, is beginning to take attention.

The reason for the wave of agitated Facebook users is a flood of Jew Hatred pages on Facebook. They include pages claiming Jews kidnap children to extract their blood to make matzoh for Pesach (Passover); pages claiming Adolf Hitler was a Christ figure whose real angelic nature has been hidden by his Jewish murderers and pages claiming Jews control the world’s media, stock exchanges, the Congress of the United States and just about everything else. These medieval/Nazi libels are not debatable criticism of Israel pretending not to be antisemitic but indisputable classic Jew Hatred.

It’s true Facebook does have a mechanism to report Hate Speech but when hundreds of members tried to report these pages they receive a reply that these pages do not violate Facebook Community standards. Generally that reply arrives within less than half an hour of the report being made.

Facebook’s suggestion that we, presumably politely, ask the admins of the page to remove it doesn’t have any connection to reality.

If accusing the Jews of sucking the blood of murdered children doesn’t offend Facebook community standards, what possibly could?

We appeal to you, as members of that exclusive group who speak to Mr. Zuckerberg face-to-face. If you are proud Jews, Israelis and now proud members of the Facebook team to bring the failure to apply Facebook’s own guidelines to his attention. If it is an algorithm problem, a personnel problem or something else he should be made aware.

The failure to remove Jew Hate pages from Facebook makes no one proud.


David Guy

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