Maybe the police learnt from the Palestinians?

Palestinians with their knee on neck

For at least five years , the Palestinian media have used this photo as a generic image to illustrate the story of a person arrested by the Palestinian police.

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George Floyd – an apt metaphor for the Palestinian cause

So much for Palestinians to identify with

Floyd was a career violent crim with convictions from armed robbery to drug possession ( a home invasion that involved pointing a gun at a pregnant woman which resulted in five-year prison sentence).  Not too smart, he was identified for the robbery because the gang used one of their own cars and the police tracked his license plate. Continue reading

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Falafel Wars

The Palestinians are upset about snack food

Perhaps Israel should just take their Nobel Prizes and go home to cry because we didn’t invent falafel?

We just mechanised production first; were the first to market it to Europe and America and adapted it for local conditions as street food.

The Palestinians certainly didn’t invent it either. Continue reading

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Where’s Wally?

Fixed ~ ain’t memes grand?

Iranian Poster meme

If you have other memes please forward them to me in the comments and 5MFI will upload them.

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ICC Blues responses

Legal issues

The response to this post has been far more immediate than usual ~ something I am profoundly grateful for.

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ICC blues

Legal issuesSue the Palestinian Authority for Hamas war crimes

When life gives you lemonsmake lemonade.

It seems very likely that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will decide to try Israel for alleged war crimes. They have already recognised the ‘State’ of Palestine, a victory for Palestinian weaponising of the ICC, even if the case never goes to trial.

Although I appreciate the reasons Israel (and America) have refused to sign on to the court I am worried that she will make the same mistake she made with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of surrendering the field of battle to the enemy. I am concerned the court will rule against us in our absence.

Instead of taking the advantage, outclassing and outmaneuvering her opponents in court Israel is constantly ‘on the back foot’. Defensive rather than attacking.

We shouldn’t be. One thing Israel is not short of, is lawyers.

Let’s make some lemonade. 

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Israel Independence Day 2020

Israel going strong 1948–2020

Happy Birthday Israel

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Happy and SAFE Pessach

Why is this night different from all other nights?

There’s plenty to discuss on this most unusual Pessach (Passover) – viruses and isolation; blood libels; conspiracy theories; Israeli and American politics; Gaza and hypocrisy.

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Hard Labor #2


Towards an old/new Israeli Labor Party

Why apart from nostalgia should anyone vote for the Israeli Labor party in the future? Shaving Amir Peretz’s trademark mustache just not going to cut it.

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Un peu trop France in Israel

French President Emmanuel Macron’s spat with the Israeli police directed to guard him raised eyebrows and many questions. Continue reading

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