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Videos‘Fat boy owns bully’ OK Israel isn’t fat but the comparison is very valid. See in Graphics>Videos, Going viral.

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Crossing the red (nose) line

Star-Jon-Stewart star-red-nose-stewartJon Stewart wins Red Nose Award at 2nd attempt

Almost two years ago Jon Stewart came close to being awarded the clown’s red nose for a gormless and badly misinformed attempt to explain Gaza’s economic problems (see Economics of Intifada).

It takes an extraordinary amount of ignorance combined with an inflated sense of moral superiority to win the coveted award. Stewart persevered and convinced the judges (OK me). He is the (un)worthy winner of Five Minutes for Israel’s latest Red Nose Award. Continue reading

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Guide for the Hasbara Perplexed

star-HasbaraStand With Us25 Short Answers to Tough Questions about Israel

The enemies of Israel frequently use the language of human rights for the most inhuman of purposes. StandwithUs has produced a short, online pamphlet demolishing 25 of these claims masquerading as tough questions. Particularly appropriate now.

It should be part of the armory of anyone who considers themselves to be an advocate for Israel. Continue reading

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International Day of Solidarity with Israel

StarStandWithIsraelJuly 17th Day of Solidarity

Globally we have witnessed increased attacks against Israel. From the Iranian threat to the boycott Israel movement. Israel faces many attacks against its legitimacy and it is time for us all to stand up.

On July 17th you will be asked to come together from the four corners of the world and express your support for Israel.

We will be uploading various actions you can take to defend Israel. From Samoa and New Zealand right across to western Hawaii we hope that throughout July 17th that individuals and groups will come together and do something positive for Israel. Please invite your friends to this event.

Action Item

We Stand With Israel

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Still Facebook blocked

star facebook facebook_unlikeThank you for the experience!

Apologies to Five Minutes for Israel readers who receive their updates through Facebook. I am still blocked for who-knows-what reason and can’t post in groups, including some where I am admin. When I try I receive the following message. You have been blocked! Continue reading

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Not another doll

star-dollNew in Photos category.

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The Kurds Way

star-kurdistan200px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Kurdistan.svgShould Israel openly back the Kurds?

With the national focus on the hideous murder of Eyal Yifrach z”l, Naftali Frenkel z”l and Gilad Sha’ar z”l and the later no less abhorrent murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir R.I.P. another issue of far-reaching importance has more-or-less slipped under the radar. This gives me a chance to write about the Kurdish ‘solution’ almost before it reaches the blogsphere.

Prime Minister Netanyahu became the first and probably/hopefully not the last to call for an independent Kurdistan and President Peres – another first – agreed with Bibi that the future is with the Kurds. They may even sell us oil. Well, well, well! Continue reading

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star facebookfacebook_unlikeDavid Guy is blocked by Facebook for a week

Facebook has informed me that in response for some unspecified offence I am blocked from posting in a groups for a week. Very annoying as I am admin for many of them.

While Five Minutes for Israel will continue in this period my normal method of publicity for posts is blocked.

Keep checking the Five Minutes for Israel Facebook page and @5MFI on Twitter for information.

If you value the work on this site please share posts as widely as possible, especially on social media.

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Open condemnation

Action ItemsAn open condemnation of the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

We unequivocally condemn the horrific murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. It was unjustifiable under any circumstances. The killing was reprehensible and we hope that the criminals who did this sickening act are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Israel is a country run by the rule of law. There are reports that Jews have been arrested for this crime. If a trial finds that Jews are indeed guilty of this unconscionable killing, our condemnation is redoubled. The idea that Jews could do such an act fills us with shame and horror.

The people who murdered Mohammed do not represent us in any way. It is not enough to dissociate ourselves from the dreadful act; we must also ensure that crimes like this are never repeated.

Just as the appalling murders of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gilad Shaar do not in any way justify the hideous murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, neither does Khdeir’s murder justify the violence, terrorism, destruction and incitement we have seen over the past few days against Israelis and Jews.

We hope and pray that everyone, Arab and Jew, lives in peace and security in the region.


Five Minutes for Israel totally endorses this letter from Elder of Ziyon and his invitation to any blogger, columnist or pundit to sign on to this letter in the comments section of his blog (please include the URL of your blog/column) so he can add to the signature list. Bloggers are also encouraged to reproduce this letter on their own blogs.

Action Items:

  1. Sign this letter at Elder of Ziyon
  2. Reproduce this letter widely.


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Honourable Woman – Dishonourable BBC?

star-BBCMaggie Gyllenhaal as Nessie SteinNew Beeb drama

To begin with a disclaimer. The new BBC series The Honourable Woman will only be broadcast next week so my fears about this being another BBC anti Israel smear masquerading as even-handed may be unfounded. I hope so but the advance publicity combined with the BBC record of broadcasting Israel Hating agitprop as drama (see The BBC drops a brick or Peter Kosminsky’s The Promise) don’t make one optimistic. Continue reading

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