star-UN-150x150 Disappointed by Bibi at the UN?

All over the social media Israel supporters are trumpeting that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s United Nations speech was a triumph. Am I the only one who was UNDERwhelmed? Continue reading

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Did you see that?

star-BBCAction item

Lebrecht has removed the offending graphic (see The BBC in concert) and I have been called a liar and conspiracy monger for claiming it was clearly labelled as antisemitic caricature.

If one of you followed the link to the original source in Lebrecht’s catalogue, and read the label before it was removed, please confirm in comments.

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The BBC in concert

star-BBCLeopold_AuerWhat is it with the Proms?

The inclusion of a nasty caricature  of Hungarian violinist, academic, conductor and composer, Leopold Auer (1845 – 1930) in the BBC summer concert festival raised a short lived storm. The BBC apologised. “We’re sorry to anyone who was offended by the image choice – this was never our intention.” and promised not to use it again.

I was planning to write that antisemitism has been so defined out of existence that the programme designer might not even have been aware of the similarity to classic antisemitic imagery or even that Auer was Jewish. That was until I searched for the image on the Internet and read the description in the only place I found it. Unless someone can find another source for the picture claiming innocence is a hard argument to sustain. Continue reading

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star-iceland-150screwed-iceland-flagReykjavik boycotts Israel

The job of a local council is essential but generally boring. “Can we vote relocating money from the budget for sewerage to the pedestrian crossing repainting budget”? So can we really be surprised when Reykjavik ventures into the much more fun area of foreign policy? Continue reading

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Breakfast with the Ambassador

star-rep-of-irelandIreland4Israel on FacebookCrashing the Irish party

Last week I crossed off another belated life milestone – embassy reception. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly at the Irish embassy but I did have a chance to speak with the new ambassador. Continue reading

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The wrong virus

star-BBCFree Syrian ArmyDa’esh or FSA. Does it matter?

A photograph suits an agenda and becomes viral. Sometimes, even frequently, the graphic doesn’t show what those sharing in the social media think it does. The BBC seems to have caught one of these. How we wish the BBC would show such an eagle eye for Palestinian fauxtography and Pallywood. Continue reading

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Rosh Hashana 5776

star-rosh-hashan-2015-150Five Minutes for Israel
wishes our Jewish readers
a sweet and happy New Year


Some explanation required for this unconventional card

Creating festival cards has become a Five Minutes for Israel tradition. Mostly I use the traditional elements. In the past we have employed iconic Jewish New Year shofar blowers and apples dipped in honey.

This year I was inspired (or perhaps the Devil made me do it) to attempt something completely out of the box. Continue reading

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Arrest Shirley Temper!

star-shirley-temper-150Pallywood crosses the line

Isn’t it about time the Israeli authorities arrested Ahed Tamini AKA Shirley Temper?

The name might be unfamiliar to you but her shtick shouldn’t be. She poses for photo opportunities ‘threatening’ IDF soldiers while her mother and/or father (and the media) take stills and video.

This time, however, they crossed a very important line when she bit a soldier. That’s assault, even if you are twelve, thirteen, fourteen or fifteen. How old is she, anyway? If she began her ‘career’ as a twelve year old in 2012 she can hardly be, as often reported still twelve in 2015. Continue reading

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Cartoon capers


Israel advocates utilise cartoons as weapons as indeed do Israel Haters. One could say they do it better than we do. Here are three new cartoon projects that could turn that situation around. Continue reading

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The Boss’s Job

star-Labour-150The U.K.Labor party’s top job matters

The working class can kiss my arse,
I’ve got the foremans’ job at last.
Sung to the tune of the Internationale


As a general rule Five Minutes for Israel doesn’t discuss domestic politics. We know that Israel advocates vote for all mainstream parties.  In addition we have only limited knowledge of democratic countries where we don’t live.  However the recent poll that showed Jeremy Corbyn likely winning leadership of the United Kingdom Labour Party had me thinking, hard. Continue reading

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