Daesh it all

star-Daesh-150Self declared

Five Minutes for Israel will try to to avoid using the descriptive name ‘Islamic State’ in favour of ‘DAESH’ or ‘self-declared Islamic State’. We suggest you do the same. Continue reading

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

star-icecream-150orwellbbcThe ice-cream maker of Gaza

Roger Hearing‘s piece. The ice-cream maker of Gaza could be written off if it was only yet another BBC magazine colour piece designed to show spunky Gazans (aren’t they all?) creatively surviving. but does that excuse him and the BBC failing, yet again, as journalists? Is it possible the BBC adds the boilerplate and doesn’t bother reading what the correspondent has written when they do it? Continue reading

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star-Irish-Independent-150 Reply to Gaza: land of the trapped

This is the text of a letter I wrote to , author of Gaza:land of the trapped, about the printed article. Reply to the video which, at least to my mind contains worse errors, will follow in a new post. Continue reading

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French connection

star-orange-is-the-new-black-150Orange is the new Black (and Blue, White and Red)

When Five Minutes for Israel originally started to blog about Orange and Israel it was as a call-to-arms. Almost immediately the French company tried to backtrack on their apparent partnership with BDS. When the offending Orange C.E.O. came personally to Israel we thought this particular post had died before publication. It happens.

Then French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius announced that if Israel didn’t bow to Palestinian demands France would recognise the Palestinian State. The French Connection was resurrected.

That Mahmud Abbas immediately refused to accept even one condition the French were willing to ask from him won’t matter. Continue reading

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A Poem to Share

star-Harvard_150Harvard Israel Trek 2015A Poem to Share

Generally when something comes out of campus Israel advocates flinch and circle the wagons. Recently, a group of 52 Harvard students – of all backgrounds and faiths – visited Israel for 10 days during the Harvard Israel Trek 2015.

What follows is a poem – posted on the Harvard trek blog by Oliver Marjot – a British PhD candidate studying Medieval Latin at Harvard – that reflects his transformative experience on visiting Israel.

Generally I don’t read poetry. For once, here is a pro-Israel poem that should be read and shared widely. It shows what happens when BDS indoctrination meets reality, in Israel. Continue reading

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Historical carve-up

star-Owen-Bennett-Jones_150Owen Bennett-Jones carves up Middle East history

Sometimes looking at relationships in the Middle East is like watching Game of Thrones (without the gratuitous nudity). One needs a guide. This isn’t it.

There are enough dubious facts and Israel obsessions in Owen Bennett-Jones’ Middle East map carved up by caliphates, enclaves and fiefdoms for this to be the ‘official’ BBC ‘history’ of this region. Continue reading

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FIFA scoreboard

Palestine Football Association Israel Football Associationstar-FIFA-card-150Early withdrawal

My feeling is that Rajoub won this one, although barely. To use a football analogy. The result was corner countdown after a 0-0 game followed by scoreless extra time. It’s still a win and a moral victory for those who wish to destroy Israel.

Why do I feel this? Continue reading

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War minus the shooting

star-FIFA-card-150The BBC and half a story (yet again).FIFA logo

One must wonder how the current corruption charges in FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) will effect the recent moves by the Palestinian Authority’s Football Association under the leadership of convicted terrorist Jibril Rajoub to suspend Israel’s participation in FIFA sports activities.

Sporting organisations, as FIFA, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, have a quasi judicial role within the narrow limits of their administration. Hopefully the remaining executives will be wary of accepting bribes offered by the Arabs. Continue reading

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Metaphorically speaking

star-tiger-on-a-wire_150Death-defying figures of speech

Some Grammar Nazi (that’s a metaphor, isn’t it?) will probably comment that I am really writing about similes. Similely speaking doesn’t have the same ring does it? Too close to smiley ;-).

Feel free to quote these hasbara figures-of-speech when advocating for Israel. Continue reading

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Labor Lost, Love

star-crowned-Bibi-150The structural and pragmatic reasons why Labor lost and is not likely to win any time soon

This is the article I wanted to write one week before the recent Israeli elections but I chickened out. Who wanted to predict inevitable defeat for the strangely named Zionist Camp, or is that Union, when the polls and the pundits were already celebrating victory? The dust has settled but not the issues that kept and will keep Labor out of power.

Now that it’s over (it’s not completely over until the positions have been doled out between the Likud and coaltion partners) the same pundits who failed to predict it are telling us why Binyamin Netanyahu (boo, hiss & grind teeth) cheated his way to victory. Not so much why the Israel Labor Party lost and nothing about why they are unlikely to win next time — perhaps never again. Continue reading

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