Like for Israel;27 November 2011

Like for Israel: <Hackathon>

  • What: Bringing developers and designers together to contribute their magic and creating pro Israel mobile and web applications.
  • Where: The Junction, 32 Schocken St.,Tel Aviv.
  • When: December 2-3,2011
  • Who:
    Guest Speakers
    • Dr. Eitan Eliram, New Media Director Prime Minister’s Office
    • Sacha Dratwa,Head of the New Media desk,Spokesperson’s Unit
    • Enon Landenberg,Chief Interaction Officer,Publicis Incubator
    • Tzvi Kopetz,Chief Operations,Applicasa
  • How:More details at Like for Israel: Hackathon
  • Why: Oh come-on. You know why!

Like for Israel,a new media initiative that made its first steps in June 2011 is producing a 48hr Hackathon in Tel Aviv. The purpose of this weekend is to build pro-Israel apps formobile devices (iOS,Android),mobile web and browsers (Firefox,Chrome).

The products need to be simple-but-great so they are used by people around the world,to help advocate Israel by making information,tools and ideas accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Simple means they need to be ready for launch when the weekend is finished.
  • Great means awesome. Read the full guidelines.
    • By products we mean iOS and Android apps (mobile and tablet),browser plug-ins,toolbars and web-apps.
  • Teams,individuals,ideas:
    • Teams: teams will group two programmers and one designer total. The team needs to already knowhow to work with the technologies it’s going to use;there won’t be much time to learn in the weekend.
    • Individuals:take into consideration that you won’t be working alone on this unless you’re a magician.
    • Ideas: it’d be best if each group comes with a great idea for a product (great+simple). If you don’t have an idea,we’ll team you up with other people with an idea. Think simple,limit your idea to one or two features. We will run elevator pitches in the first morning to get immediate feedback from the otherdevelopers.
  • Start cooking your ideas with user workflows,UX,mockup designs etc.
  • Contact:Send your ideas (#subject:“like for Israel app idea”)
  • Production and Media:Niv Calderon, +972-54-6969278
  • Tech:Gil Megidish, Adi Avnit

Two significant life-changing (?) events for me this week. It’s the 30th anniversary of my aliya to Israel AND my first SMART phone should arrive†. I’m stretching this dubious connection to put in a plug for the Hackathon. Geeks,nerds,activists,mobile developers,you are all invited.

My minor contribution is working on a database for all pro-Israeli blogs! Check it out on Five Minutes for Israel as a table when I’m done. Hopefully,never done –new and previously undiscovered blogs every day.

† Samsung Galaxy SII. Thank you for asking.

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