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Five Minutes for Israel Internet trolling Are NIF and J Street anti Zionist posing as Zionists Bluff, Deceive, Swindle? Fear Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, murderer and arms smuggler. Bandaid aid for Gaza Graphic Advocates icon Videos Palestinian Hypocrisy Week Legal issues Open Thread Shabbat Shalom Action Items Nigerian girl-flag Walks like a duck Islam Dry Bones on Five Minutes for Israel 3rd Intifada Twitter Jerusalem Humour Benjamin Netanyahu Chag Sameach for Pessach HolocaustBBC HAARETZNuclear WeaponsYom AtzmautLet's bucket ASA Cause a Boob Quake Swimming Obama Spanish Spoken NebraskaGilad Shalit Photography Happy Shavuot Mosab Hassan Yousef Israel Panorama Gallery - Eliyahu Ben Ze'ev (Andy Alpern) HELP WANTED Things to do in five minutes Russia CatholicGoodbye 2010

Click for new 5 in a star icons

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