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Uniquely in the West, it (Israel) is the only democracy whose very existence has been questioned since its inception. In the first instance, it was attacked by its neighbours using the conventional weapons of war. Then it faced terrorism culminating in wave after wave of suicide attacks. Now, at the behest of radical Islamists and their sympathisers, it faces a campaign of delegitimisation through international law and diplomacy.

José María Aznar, Prime Minister of Spain, 1996-2004

Are you living in Mexico, Spain, Latin America or other country where Palestinian Hypocrisy Week is conducted in the Spanish language? We have a Spanish version of the International Israeli Apartheid Week poster and the Madrid poster here for your use. Distribute it freely – use social networks to share – paste it next to the originals.

  • Right-click Link to download the PDF file, print it and paste it. Be patient – in the interest of graphic quality the file is quite large.
  • Click on parodies to see at full size.

We love to receive photographs of the posters in position!

IAW original

Original IAW 2011 poster

Sólo la paz puede romper muros

Palestinian Hypocrisy Week parody Click for 518x800 version

Original Madrid IAW poster

Original Madrid IAW poster

Sólo la paz puede ramper muros Madrid

Palestinian Hypocrisy Week Madrid 906x604 parody

Read: Parody of a Poster

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