Abbas Jnr. loses in court

star-wiki-abbasYasser Abbas libel case dismissed

The critics who look at every alleged Israeli infraction through a distorted microscope and every Palestinian one with the lens cap on will ignore this. The libel case against an analyst who accused Mahmud Abbas’s sons of profiting from corruption, their father’s, has been dismissed.

Tomorrow I’ll add this to the Wikipedia article (see Wakipedia) on Mahmoud Abbas which ignored corruption allegations, until Five Minutes for Israel became involved.

Jonathan Schanzer, a political analyst and vice president of the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, was sued for libel after he wrote an online opinion post for Foreign Policy magazine in June 2012 that questioned PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s two sons’ wealth.

Judge Sullivan, federal court in the District of Columbia, applied the District of Columbia’s anti-SLAPP† statute, which aims to curb suits intended to silence critics. He said, Schanzer’s statements in the article “are either not capable of defamatory meaning or are protected statements of opinion” under the First Amendment.

Yasser Abbas had to show that he was capable of winning the case on its merits — he failed.

Extra credit

†SLAPP–Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation

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