Action Items Guidelines – 1st Draft

Action ItemsThe response to our going public has been very gratifying. Now let’s get down to work! These guidelines are provisional. They are our ideas on what is required and we will modify the guidelines if we feel that it is warranted. Your feedback is important.

Our first priority is fulfilling the promise of Five Minutes for Israel. If you have five minutes spare, look to and you’ll find a pro Israel activity.


Action Items are active not passive, i.e. they call on the Israel Advocate to actually do something – not just bookmark, read or view them.

Action Items are immediate. Except for future events a response after 24 hours is probably much less effective. A response after 48 hours is probably too late†.

Examples of Action Items

  • Internet media with on line comments to articles, videos, etc.
  • On line opinion polls.
  • Internet and dead tree media – letters to the editor.
  • Only the largest, ‘neutral’ blogs are really suitable for Action Items. Sending our readers to confront the ‘converted’ is of very limited efficiency.
  • Internet media with Have Your Say feature.
  • Watch it now, Internet events as they happen.
  • Attend in the future events, such as demonstrations, lectures, Facebook events, etc.

Style Guide

  • Catchy but informative title
  • One pithy paragraph is best but two is maximum. If you feel that you need more space is needed we are delighted to receive guest blogs from Action Item reporters and link from the Action Item.
  • Always include a working hyperlink. If you refuse to link because you don’t want to give traffic to an ‘offensive’ site it is not a valid Action Item.
  • Link to relevant posts if desired. Apart from the issue you want action on do not link to outside reference articles, even if relevant. You may freely do so in a guest blog post or a comment.
  • Feel free to use 5MFI ‘5 in a star’ icons or make your own.
  • Feel free to illustrate with a thumbnail graphic no higher than150 pixels.

Finding suitable action items

  • Even on-line media, particularly when attached to a traditional newspaper, follows deadlines for tomorrow’s paper to be printed and in the vendors’ hands by about 6PM. That means copy is put to bed about midnight at the very latest. The most effective Action Items reporter will have to be monitoring a time zone at least 3–5 hours earlier or begin monitoring locally at about 11 PM.
  • We are anxious to Action Item English language media in remote (from a Jewish/Israel Advocate sense) because those are the areas that have been left to the Destroy Israel Lobby by default or have as in the case of the giant MSM been capably monitored by others.
  • Not every media is covering Israel every day. Research the English language media in the geographical area you are covering to see which of them is a suitable Action Item.
  • Once you have decided what to focus on you may want to add it as a Google Alert on a as-it-happens basis.

Posting Action Items

  • Send your Action Item by email to
  • We are working on a procedure for automatic posts direct to the site. We’ll keep you posted.

† I know Action Iteming future events is probably a contradiction. The action would be to respond by announcing your attendance and make a reminder in your calendar.

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