All you need is AHAVA

All you need is AHAVA

Buy Israeli Goods (B.I.G.) Day November 30th

Five Minutes for Israel is a little behind with announcing this but there’s still time to celebrate-participate-demonstrate this, not likely to be declared by the United Nations, event.

On Tuesday, November 30, Destroy Israel Lobbyists in New York City plan to demonstrate and call for boycotts of stores that sell Israeli products. Their target is Ricky’s because it carries AHAVA† goods.

If you are pro-Israel or just generally pro-peace and can come to NYC we urge you to join a counter campaign. November 30 is BIG (Buy Israeli Goods) Day. StandWithUs and the America-Israel Chambers of Commerce are the forces behind this campaign.

What can I do?

StandWithUs recommends actively Buying Israeli Goods. Go to local stores and request Israeli products. Whenever a boycott is called, StandWithUs advises to respond by purchasing the very Israeli goods that are being targeted and let store managers know they should keep them well-stocked on the shelves.

Shop with friends, and take pictures or videos of yourself purchasing Israeli products, and send them to StandWithUs. Make fun entries for youtube, make them positive, fun, and humorous. Email photos or links to videos to

November 3oth comes the day after the 53rd anniversary of the UN Partition Resolution when the Jewish State was endorsed and recognized by the international community. It also comes just as Hanukkah is approaching when Jews celebrate the Maccabees restoring Jewish independence.

The website should include a locator so that you can find stores in your area that carry Israeli products. Keep checking it out. Hopefully it will be back online soon.

Information in this action-item has been shamelessly stolen from Nov 30 BIG Day: Buy Israeli Goods Day NYBlueprint, Nov 23, 2010

New information

The Buy Israeli Goods website operates from this link.

† In case you haven’t realised Ahava is Hebrew for LOVE.

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