Another Fauxtography fail

star-graphicsThe first casualty in war is truth

When it comes to demonising Israel the last thing that matters is truth. Time and time again we see photographs from other conflicts such as Iraq or Syria or even Bosnia or Ukraine purporting to be of Arabs mistreated and worse by Israelis. Time after time photographs are recycled from archives, given a recent date and a new caption to suit a more recent lie. Sometimes the supposed injustice to Palestinians is actually something that happened to Jews.


As it was in the graphic above. The irony is the Israeli Border Guard (a unit attached to the Police and not the IDF) is evicting Jews from Hebron. Wasn’t that exactly what the Israel Haters are demanding?

If you see the graphic on the left in social media feel free to post this graphic in rebuttal. Clicking will bring you to a higher definition (larger) graphic.

Some might argue this was a mistake or failure to check the claim. In part this might be true but it is largely irrelevant. The people who post this rubbish and more importantly those who create it are not trying to build a case against Israel. They are trying and often succeeding in demonising it. A real connection between the photograph and the labelling is also irrelevant.


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