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Here’s a question for you. What do the siege at a Sydney Chocolate restaurant, the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher, and Boko Haram have in common?

If your answer is, Nothing to do with Islam! high political office is waiting for you.

Valls, Hollande and Abbott

If your answer is, Disrespectors of religion get a punch on the nose, a castle in Rome with nuns preparing your tea might be your fate.
If your answer is antisemites are muzzled why not islamaphobes OR why get upset about a handful of journalists? OR Netanyahu is the Antichrist you probably aren’t reading Five Minutes for Israel, anyway.

Since writing False Flag about conspiracy theories arising from the murders at Charlie Hebdo a pattern of other reactions, from world leaders and Israel Haters/Islam defenders is filling social media. This post is about those reactions. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t point to another conspiracy theory that I missed (HT Israellycool). Zionist Magical Shape-Shifting Jews did it!

Nothing to do with Islam

World leaders — and especially those in whose countries these events occurred — are turning incredible somersaults to excuse Islam. I can’t think of a better response than the classic half-hour NEWS hour sketch below and Pat Condell nails it, as usual.

One must wonder what they have to do to have something-to-do-with-Islam if screaming Allah hu Akbar and contacting the mass media to explain exactly the Islamic reasoning that inspired your act of ultra-violence isn’t enough.

Oh and by the way Your Holiness, Sovereign Pontiff, isn’t there something about turning-the-other-cheek in your duty statement†?

Avoiding any responsibility – DYI instructions

Magicians have a major weapon when performing their deceptions. It’s called misdirection and the Nothing-to-do-with-Islam(ists) have it in spades. I’ve collected some common examples here – conspiracy theory was covered in False flag, earlier.

Et Tu Quoque

In logic that is an argument saying you do it too, although in this case it is more don’t look at me – look at him.

67 years

Above is a common variation claiming the world is hypocritical by supporting Charlie Hebdo and ignoring the Palestinians. Even if the only Palestinians in tents, for the last half century or so, are the genuine refugees from Syria and Kuwait, nothing is more pitiful than a distressed old woman (unless it is a dead child). [Was  it this woman?]

One could make a very good case saying the plight of the Palestinians has been the least ignored of any group in history. The Palestinians, once again, have succeeded to convince themselves that it is all about them. The fate of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria not so much. What could those countries have in common.

I ask, what bothers you more the fate of 100 million battered women or the punch you receive in the nose, presumably from an offended Catholic?


It should be redundant to say journalism in a war zone is a dangerous business. It is made even more dangerous when the supposed journalist is a member of a terrorist group. Journalists died in Gaza, that is confirmed. However, none died to silence and intimidate other journalists as at Charlie Hebdo and none were targeted as journalists.

Focussing on journalists killed in Gaza is another form of misdirection.


Ezzat Salama Duheir and Abdullah Murtaja – Journalists?

The reality of Gaza is that local journalists are all either paid by Hamas or intimidated into compliance by Hamas. Their job is to assist Hamas in their media war against Israel not just to report on it – even if they are not known members of terrorist groups. That said there is no evidence of Israel actually targeting any journalist or media worker who died there.

Just for the record. The Committee to Protect Journalists lists Syria by far as the deadliest country for journalists in 2014.


This is a mutant form of mental illness closely resembling Thatcherphobia  and Bushophobia where a democratically elected leader subject to checks and balances of courts, cabinets, parliaments and re-election is said to be solely responsible for just about everything you don’t like plus has satanic intent.

Unfortunately there are some Israeli carriers who spread this irrational phobia. (Is that redundant? Are there rational phobias?) Thus Netanyahu’s appearance in Paris is attacked as pushiness (pushy Jew is also a recurring Jew Hatred meme) rather than asking the question of why an Israeli Prime Minister should not be there as of right.

je suis Netanyahu

In case anyone hasn’t noticed Israel will conduct a general election in about two months. My personal prediction is that Binyamin Netanyahu will be the Prime Minister in the 20th Knesset albeit with a different coalition.

Of course, my prediction could be way off and the voters of Israel could elect the head of some other party for the job. If that happens, no one has any doubt that the current PM as have all other Israeli prime ministers will hand over the reins of power quickly and without protest.

Rather puts Israel ahead of Mahmud Abbas in the 10th year of his four-year term, doesn’t it. Je suis DEMOCRAT with Abbas’s mug?


 I hope that Jews and the Arabs would settle their differences like good Christians Warren Austin

Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world Eric Hoffer

snake-padlockJew Hatred without even the flimsy umbrella of Israel criticism. The concept, as illustrated by this cartoon, if clear even without understanding Arabic. It is possible to say anything you want against Muslims that is Freedom of Expression but you are called an antisemite and censured if you say anything against Jews. Rather hypocritical, given that Muslims mine every Jew Hatred meme from the Middle Ages through the Nazis and Soviets.

This has led to a flood of crude antisemitism with no modern Israeli connection. For example, attacks on the Talmud which was written a thousand years before modern Zionism. As with the siege at the Kosher supermarket the same people who are deeply insulted (except when celebrating it) being tarred with the label terrorist when Muslims commit terrorist acts have no problem in attacking Jews for Israel’s presumed crimes.

Netanyahu as Satan

Netanyahu as Satan

A somewhat bizarre example of this is the appropriation of the Christian vision of Satan to describe Netanyahu. Somehow they adopt the Book of Revelations‡ to determine Netanyahu is the AntiChrist!

Perhaps the final irony is the attempt to suggest that attacks against Jews are a legitimate response to Israel’s presumed mistreatment of the Palestinians. This has become so common that Tim Willcox of the BBC even asked it on television.

It doesn’t take too much of a stretch to come up with a parody of an existing Charlie Hebdo cover.

So what connects the response to attacks on a French magazine by French-born men of Algerian parents with presumed Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians over 3,000 km away?
Is your answer still, nothing to do with Islam?


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  • Photographs of terrorist journalists Israellycool and Elder of Ziyon

† Please credit the admirable restraint in not making a cheek joke here. Five Minutes for Israel doesn’t mock other religions and doesn’t want a punch on the nose by a proxy.
‡ “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six,” (Rev. 13:18).

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