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Tech Support person needed urgently

Five Minutes for Israel’s technical support person, Jason  has done all those things we applaud, like making aliya and joining the IDF. We thank him for all his help so far and wish him an easy absorption into Israeli life. He will not have the time to help us further.

Unfortunately, that means we no longer have someone to advise us on WordPress, SQL databases, setting up websites, tweaking the CSS, etc., etc., etcetera. If you are an Israel Advocate, these words are not a foreign language to you and you’d like to take part in the Five Minutes for Israel project† please send me an email at

† Unfortunately voluntary. As we expand and hopefully can secure some grant money it may be possible to arrange salaries but that is in the future.

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B.A./B.C.A. (Communication and Media Arts) University of Wollongong, AUSTRALIA M.A. in Government (Diplomacy and Conflict Studies) Inter Disciplinary Center, Herzliya, ISRAEL Twitter @5MFI
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