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star-SydneyMorning-Herald_150-Petition the Sydney Morning Herald –
Tel Aviv is NOT Israel’s capital

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW, Australia), which presumably means the entire Fairfax Media group refused to acknowledge that Tel Aviv IS NOT the capital of Israel when this error is pointed out to them.

This is a clear failure of the news site of the year. They claim to be Australia’s leading news source. Make your disapproval known. Sign the petition. Share widely.
Sydney_Morning_Herald_Capital-Tel-Aviv-feature-770x400-1Fairfax Media Limited [ASX:FXJ] (formerly John Fairfax and Sons) is one of the largest media companies in Australia and New Zealand, with investment in newspaper, magazines, radio and internet.

They claim to reach more than eleven million people so their refusal to change or even explain this ‘error’ is a big deal.

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