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B.A./B.C.A. (Communication and Media Arts) University of Wollongong, AUSTRALIA M.A. in Government (Diplomacy and Conflict Studies) Inter Disciplinary Center, Herzliya, ISRAEL Twitter @5MFI

Crikey Glenn Le Lievre

Eight frames – all wrong Editorial cartoonists make great propagandists – for either side. Even though they appear in news media a genuinely neutral cartoonist would probably be dead boring. ‘Crikey’† cartoonist Glenn Le Lievre is far from dead boring but one … Continue reading

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Capital Jerusalem

Why Israel’s capital and not Palestine’s? My answer to a Facebook question. I only realised after that the question really wasn’t addressed to me but to intellectuals and politicians in Arab states, a status I clearly don’t hold. The information … Continue reading

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Thank you President Trump

Jerusalem – Israel’s capital Pity it took 70 years to do the right thing. Let’s hope others follow America’s lead. There are reports that Czechoslovakia and Hungary responded by publicly recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital but I have no formal … Continue reading

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After Balfour the war still had to be won His Majesty’s Government may have viewed with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people. In 1917 the British still had to defeat the Ottoman who … Continue reading

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Recycled road rage

More Fauxtography This is how minor accidents are recycled into anti Israel propaganda. Decide for yourself whether this is lazy journalism or straight out deception.

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UK: a Balfour apology

One hundred years after Balfour Should Britain apologise… to Israel? With all the Balfour centenary kerfuffle and Palestinian demands for an apology for the Balfour declaration I don’t think anyone has discussed whether Perfidious Albion should issue an apology to Israel.

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2 from 4 ain’t bad

Postscript to ‘The Palestinians are upset’ We are pleased to note that two of the four complaints we made have been addressed. All references to the head of the Palestinian delegation in Australia as ambassador have been corrected. The offensive … Continue reading

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The Palestinians are upset

Palestinian ‘symbol of struggle’? Palestinian ‘ambassador’ to Australia? We can’t imagine why the New South Wales Police (Australia) might associate ‘Palestinian’ head scarfs with terrorism. Can you? </SARC>

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Congratulations to the four Jewish Nobel Prize winners of 2017 There is some discussion about five or even six members of the tribe getting a gong. I will add to the four already identified if evidence is produced. In the … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Trumped

Trump: Giving Peace ‘A Shot’ The President of the United States could have worded his failure only just a little worse. He could have ‘taken a stab’ at peace negotiations before not moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

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