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There is an online petition to the culture Secretary asking him to compel the BBC to release the contents of the Balen report to License Fee payers here

We the undersigned urge the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to launch an independent investigation into BBC coverage of the Middle East conflict in view of powerful perceptions that it is biased against the State of Israel, starting with an instruction to the BBC to release the Balen Report into its coverage of the Middle East conflict.

The BBC claims that impartial reporting is central to its Charter yet listeners and viewers who dispute the impartiality of BBC coverage of the conflict report that their concerns are ignored and their evidence, however powerful, is dismissed by the BBC.

The BBC used hundreds of thousands of pounds of money taken from the License Fee firstly to produce the Balen report which investigated whether its Middle East coverage was biased, and then to go through the Courts to suppress its findings.

License Fee payers who funded this report should be entitled to view the Balen Report and make up their own minds about what he says.

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