Battle of the Bumper Stickers

Graphic Advocates icon Some consider these images as Conflict Porn. I feel that so long as the Destroy Israel Lobby are producing them we should respond in kind.

Bumper stick from

  1. Keep things in perspective. The figure of $3.2 billion per year is an insignificant figure when compared with the US Defence spending of $782 billion or it’s general budget of $3,518 billion.
  2. Egypt gets around $1.8 billion per year, Jordan gets around $400 million per year, and the Palestinian Authority gets around $1 billion per year. Since 1975 Egypt has received about $60 billion and Jordan about $10 billion in the last decade. Not only is Israel’s economy larger than all three so cutting off aid would have a less devastating effect but none of the three Arab countries would get one cent if Israel was cut off. If anyone should be complaining it should be Jordan which is a much greater asset than the Palestinians and much less corrupt.
  3. The country costing the US most in recent years is not Israel but Iraq but it is hard to divide that into civilian aid, military aid to the Iraqi armed forces and police and the operational costs of the Iraqi operation.
  4. Every America President, Secretary of Defence and Commerce, and Congressional oversight committee, without exception, has said the same thing, that aid to Israel is in America’s interest, is supported by the great majority of Americans and essentially is repaid in kind.

Palestinians ignore their deliberate targetting of children and American Aid

  1. The dying baby was Shalhevet Pass z”l deliberately targetted by a Palestinian sniper in Hebron in 1971. While violence doesn’t excuse more violence, the hostility displayed by Jewish residents of Hebron to their Palestinian ‘neighbours’ should be considered in view of incidents like this.
  2. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funds programs that help people living in the West Bank and Gaza lead healthier and more productive lives. Since 1994, Palestinians have received more than $2.9 billion in U.S. economic assistance via USAID projects – more than from any other donor country.

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