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star-BBCThe BBC is Zionist?
Best response ever

Five Minutes for Israel rarely just shares a piece that isn’t written specially for it but this response to a rant that the BBC is Zionist run is far too brilliant to let fall through the time plughole in a comment on a BiasedBBC post.

David Preiser (USA) says:
January 4, 2014 at 10:25 pm
“Zionist run BBC”. LOLOLOLOL

  • What Zionist-run organization tries to deny Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol?
  • What kind of Zionist-run organization publishes on its children’s website that 9/11 being perpetrated by Al Qaeda is only a US suspicion?
  • What kind of Zionist-run organization tells children that Muslims consider Israeli Jews to be the enemy of their religion?
  • What kind of Zionist-run organization publishes dishonest maps and acts as if 1967 is the Year Zero?
  • What kind of Zionist-run organization has a Director General who states uncategorically† that they treat Islam gently because most of them are ethnic minorities?
  • What kind of Zionist-run organization reports on the “Israeli blockade” and refused to acknowledge Egypt’s border with Gaza until too many complaints forced them to do so?
  • What kind of Zionist-run entity has a Middle East editor who hates Israel and has a personal grudge against the country, keeping him in that influential position long after he had the life-altering traumatic experience?
  • What kind of Zionist-run organization reports conflicts from the perspective that it all started when Israel hit back?
  • What kind of Zionist-run organization allows a high-profile news anchor to voice concerns during a public Q&A session about the power of the Jewish Lobby?

I could go on and on, but tears of laughter are preventing me from seeing my monitor properly. Otherwise I’d be posting links to prove every single one of those. Declining to air a film promoting Hamas and asking for donations to the cause against Israel (that so-called Gaza charity appeal), and telling the truth instead of lying about that Gaza Flotilla hardly make the BBC a Zionist-run organization.

If anyone’s interested just say the word and I’ll post them once I’ve recovered from fits of hysterical laughter.

When you post links, David we will be delighted to publish them.

Just one minor point: The BBC did not broadcast the Gaza film but did everything it could to publicise it, including providing links on the website; allowing interviewees to a give link details on air and obsessive coverage of the ‘dispute’ about whether they should broadcast it. Also (as far as I can establish) failing to report on the absolutely dismal results of the appeal.

If I was a small to medium business I would value the free advertising (the BBC doesn’t advertise in the UK) as worth about £1,000,000. OTOH I don’t think the Gaza appeal raised that much.

I suspect David meant categorically.

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