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BBCIs Israel a special (nuclear) case? And should Tiger Woods just play golf? (podcast)

Fri, 9 Apr 10 Duration: 23 mins (unless Tiger Woods’  multiple affairs really interests you. Then the duration is 50 mins).

The BBC asked, Does Israel deserve special consideration on the issue of nuclear weapons? Or must it play by the same rules as every other country? These questions come after Binyamin Netanyahu pulled out of a disarmament conference where Israel’s alleged arsenal was to be queried. … and they asked me to take part from Israel.

You’ll know it’s me speaking by the high-pitched voice (I guess I don’t really suit radio which is probably why I write and photograph. I don’t look anything like Brad Pitt, either but I digress). When the BBC asked me to contribute I was a little bit dubious. It’s difficult not to note the hostility to Israel that comes out of the BBC. On the other hand I felt that advocating for Israel is what I do and what better place than worldwide radio.

My feeling is that Israel came over the winner in this case. The Destroy Israel Lobby was a player down as the Egyptian representative couldn’t contribute, for technical reasons. Together with Hazhir Teimourian from the Limehouse Group and some other contributors I think we did as well as we could have in this type of forum.

I hope the points, I tried to make, came over clearly.

  1. Israel can’t sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty because the treaty only allows the countries that tested nukes before 1967 to have them. Signing means abandoning nuclear weapons.
  2. Israel may have more deterrence by not admitting to nuclear weapons. I spoke about the tough-looking guy in a pub. He may not be able to fight but no one wants to fight him to find out.
  3. India and Pakistan also haven’t signed the NPT, have nuclear weapons and a history of conflict with each other.
  4. Iran has an agenda which ties in with a radical Shiite worldview and Ahmadinijad’s personal ideology that makes it a danger to the rest of the world (America – the big Satan) and its neighbours. If Israel had no nuclear weapons Iran would be still be a threat and would want to develop them.

Why me?

Much as I would like to believe the BBC had read my contribution to Five Minutes for Israel and decided on that basis that I was the ideal representative, I know that isn’t true. They contacted me on the basis of a letter I had written months ago, on the BBC website in response to a particular article.

The moral is Keep writing and responding to Action Items. Who knows where it might lead?

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