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Are you a student, academic or employee of the National University of Ireland–Galway? Do you live in the region or are capable of getting there? On March 6th a motion for boycotting Israel will be presented to the students. We need a presence on that day and help organising opposition to the motion A.S.A.P. Until a committee is formed please contact this website if you can help in any way.

Further reading

† Intel employs 7,800 people in Israel.  In 2011 alone, Intel exported goods worth $2.2 billion and made $628 million of reciprocal procurements from Israeli suppliers. Over the past five years, Intel contributed more than $4.1 billion to the development of Israel’s economy as part of their Industrial Development Plan. In other words NUI Galway should be boycotting Intel if BDS was consistent.
‡ As we can see from the GlycoHIT website NUI Galway is involved in a consortium which includes Israeli company Agilent. The GlycoHIT website describes Agilent Technologies as the world’s premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life science and chemical analysis. €3 Million is quite a lot of moolah to throw away for BDS.

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