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More BDS BS. Every time an Israeli company loses a tender bid BDS claims that victory is inevitable. It is unfortunate that an Israeli consortium, led by Mekerot, failed to win an Argentinian contract but not a cause for the crowing.

Rejoin the real world. Companies make failing bids all the time.

What part of ‘The critical objections were the price tag ($170 million in 2012 when the bid was presented), and the inappropriately close relationship between Mekorot’s local partners – 5 de Septiembre, Mako and Eleprint – and the provincial government and water company. In addition, the project failed to guarantee potability because it ignored the deteriorated condition of La Plata’s distribution pipes, according to Adolfo Ruiz, an engineer in the regional government’s water department and representative of the trade union ATE Hidraúlica’ don’t they understand?

BDS was at most a secondary consideration.

Water politics is becoming a major feature of Palestinian propaganda. I have written about it with a focus on Gaza in All wet in Gaza  According to Walter Bromberg from Friends of the Earth Israel gives the Palestinians every drop that the Oslo Accords obliges it but there is still a major shortfall. On the other hand pollution from Hebron industries reaches Beer Sheva and then on to Gaza and the Mediterranean.

I am far from an expert on water in our region and few Israel advocates are. This allows the Israel Haters an open field to make any claims they want without contradiction. As European Parliament head, Martin Schulz found recently if you are going to attack Israel on its water policy you had better have the facts.

Four points are clear.

  1. The Palestinians are in breach of their own water obligations under Oslo. Israel supplies to the Palestinian Arabs, as a whole, 52 MCM a year more water than Israel is obligated to under the Oslo accords.
  2. The Palestinians are doing nothing to develop new water sources through either desalination or sewerage treatment.
  3. Israel has stolen nothing from the Palestinians.
  4. Rather than improving their water position by cooperation and negotiation the Palestinians prefer to use their people’s thirst to make political points.

In the interest of providing ammunition to Israel defenders Five Minutes for Israel has provided two essential links. We have to agree with Arutz 7. The two reports are a “must read” for anyone trying to counter the BDS “water” blood-libel against Israel.


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