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Let's bucket ASAFive Minutes for Israel aims to become a community of Israel Advocates. We are happy to pass these contact addresses to complain to the Advertising Standards Hypocrisy Authority (UK) on behalf of Stop The UK Advertising Standards Authority creating an Israel Boycott (Facebook)

FILL THEIR MAILBOXES and let them know how you feel…
… and pass this message along to as many people as you can

The email address for Lord Chris Smith is who is the Chairman of the ASA.

Thanks everyone for your incredible effort with emailing and calling the ASA. We need to keep it up. The more we email and call the better. Feel free to do it more than once as each call or email is logged.

Here are the details for making a complaint:

Complaints can be made to the ASA in a variety of ways:

  • by telephoning the ASA on (020) 7492 2222
  • by faxing the ASA on (020) 7242 3696
  • by contacting the ASA at
  • by writing to the ASA at the postal address on its website
  • by completing the online complaints form on the website.

Can we also ask, that you take 10 minutes and invite 100 friends each and post it on your walls also.
That way we can grow the reach of the message fast.

If this decision is not challenged, the consequences will be huge. PLEASE help now.

And again thanks for all you have done already. We are jamming up the inboxes at the ASA. Let’s do more!

Monique, Jude, Brenda, Richard and Rob.

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