Be pro-active. Libyan Flotilla is on way to Gaza

Who should we believe?

The goal is to reach Gaza. There is not only a humanitarian goal, but there is also a political message. Achmed Tibi Member of Israeli Knesset
This is a purely humane mission, it is neither provocative nor hostile. Youssef Sawan, Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation

Believe the worst

After the enormous success of the ‘Turkish’ Flotilla it’s hard to believe they won’t try it again. They could land at El Arish and drop the goods there but bet they won’t. The death of nine, expendable, ‘looking to be shahid’, Turks let to worldwide instant condemnation, even before the facts were clear, release of all passengers and crew without charge and an easing of the boycott regulations. From their point of view it was all worth it!

Turkey ‘may’ have had a reason to avoid a complete break with Israel. Libya, still officially in a state-of-war, has no reason to hold back.

Don’t allow yourselves to be caught unprepared again. Follow the boat route to see if it docks in Egypt as claimed or moves on to Gaza.

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