Darkness at Noon

“And this also… has been one of the dark places of the earth.”
– Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, Part 1

When a Facebook friend of mine sent a piece about electricity shortages in Gaza my first thought was I’ve seen that film before. So I did a Google search to counter it. I discovered the Internet was full of Bad-Jews-denying-power-to-Gaza stories. So many that this could not be coincidence. The next Gaza innocent victim story apparently is about electricity shortages.

Speaking for myself,  I can’t see why Israel is required to supply people whose fondest dream is our destruction. However, apparently the Israeli Government and that strangely flexible creature World Public Opinion think differently. Israel does supply Gaza’s fuel and power needs.

Here are some things to consider for your Action Items. Things ignored by the Gaza victims of power cuts propaganda.

“It is such a tragedy that, on top of all the other crises that we have in the Gaza Strip, we now have a crisis of electricity,” John Ging, director of UNRWA in Gaza, was quoted by AFP as saying.

“It’s an unbearable situation here at the moment, and it needs to be solved very quickly. It’s a Palestinian problem, made by Palestinians, and causing Palestinian suffering. So let’s have a Palestinian solution,” he added….

Gaza fauxtography

Palestinian legislators pretend power cuts while daylight streams through the curtains

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