Blood Libel OK by Facebook

star facebookfacebook_unlikeNot hate speech?
Then what is?

As a general rule hate-pages on Facebook are run by pimply adolescents who delude themselves that the digital equivalent of graffiti on a cemetery wall is the equivalent of  action. One day they may actually have a girlfriend. That is no excuse.

When one is pointed out to me I report it but don’t generally blog it. Why give them the oxygen of publicity and expand their Google footprint by directing readers there? Ultimately the page is removed although others spring up like toadstools.

This is a little different. One would think removing a FB page Jewish ritual murder would be a no-brainer but apparently not.

Keeping to Five Minutes for Israel policy I have not linked to Jew Hatred sites. A simple search in Facebook will find it.
The only thing to do is to share this and force a change by sheer weight of numbers.

The complaint

  1. The charge that Jews murder Christian (or for that matter Muslim) children to use their innocent blood in ritual, otherwise known as the Blood Libel should be a classic example of hate speech even if there was nothing else on the page. Historically, these claims—alongside those of well poisoning and host desecration—have been a major theme in European persecution of Jews.
  2. How could this not violate Facebook Community Standards? Would it even be conceivable that had the charges been directed at Muslims they would have been allowed to stay online?
  3. No, the entire page. Is Facebook saying that general complaints about Hate pages will be inaccurately reviewed? From this result I guess the answer is YES.
  4. Please Facebook, on what planet do you live? The whole reason the page was posted was to incite hatred. Do you really think if I asked politely they would change their minds?
  5. Did I do that? I only responded to a survey by Facebook about my complaint. I’m not even sure who The Merchant is.


Action Item

  • Report the page Jewish ritual murder. As we discovered in Facebook lowers the bar Facebook divides administration of complaints between four centres: two in the US, one in Dublin and the other in Hyderabad, India. Perhaps where the complaint is handled makes a difference? Perhaps even who handles it? I have never received a reply so quickly (20 mins tops) as this one. Next shift may look at it differently.
  • When they send you a note, you can rate their service. There is a suggestion that only on the 2nd appeal will someone actually look at your complaint (the first time maybe is just an automatic software function). [HT Rotem Abstructure]

BTW I couldn’t find anything on Saint Andrei Kievski (see screenshot from the offending page) but I did discover that Andrei Kievski is the alias of a  white supremacist whose real name is apparently Robert Freeman.

Saint Simonino di Trente (Simon of Trent) is much more known. In 1758, Cardinal Ganganelli (later Pope Clement XIV, 1769-1774) prepared a report clearing the Jews of Trent of the murder of Simon.

Pope Paul VI removed Simon from the Calendar of Saints in 1965. Simon of Trent does not appear in the new Roman Martyrology of 2000, nor on any modern Catholic calendar.


You have to love the Community rule about offensive comments. I find the whole page offensive.

Extra credit

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