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star-wreckingRIBAReverse the Royal Institute of British Architects Boycott of Israel

To accuse Israel of a human rights crime by building is like accusing the little piggy who built a house from bricks of cruelty to wolves.

As with so many BDS resolutions the British Architect’s boycott resolution was conducted by a tiny minority of the organisation’s members with no prior notice.

Action item

Dear President Hodder and members of RIBA,

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) which you lead has called for a boycott of Israel.

Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. It is a symbol of freedom: both collective freedom for the Jewish people and individual freedoms for all its citizens with Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze having full equal rights in Israel.

Israel has yearned for peace for a long while but has bet met with constant Arab and Palestinian refusal.

By boycotting Israel, you are boycotting Democracy, Freedom and Peace. You are supporting Arab refusal and violence against Israel.

You are also singling out the Jewish State, a great democracy, while ignoring actual atrocities committed by so many other states. This scapegoating and singling out is reminiscent of the worse forms of anti-Semitism.

Moreso, the Israeli Association of United Architects has members which are both Jewish and Arabs. By boycotting it, you are boycotting co-existence!

Please reverse your decision immediately. Inform yourself and you will clearly see that you are mistaken!

We want to make it clear: As long as RIBA Boycotts or calls for a Boycott of Israel, we will find it immoral to give business to any of the members of RIBA. The RIBA name will become, for us, a liability. We want to do business freely as we believe in free exchange of ideas and cultures, however, we cannot morally do business with organizations who call for the boycott of Israel.

The undersigned.

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