Burning Birds

Not just a bird – a falcon

The Internet is full of discussion about the falcon found near Gaza with flammable material attached by string. Are burning birds a new tactic or are they just some sort of new violent symbolism for the supposedly unarmed or should that be unwinged peaceful demonstrators?

Is Gaza running out of string and plastic sheets for kites or condoms (inflated with medical grade helium) so they need weaponise children’s pool toys and birds? Will this lead to a  Gazan population explosion or rather boost the existing population growth rate of 3% (13th highest in the world)

From top left to top right – Ahwaz, Federation of Arab Republics Egypt, Libya, Egypt 1980 – Middle Left to right – UAE, UAE pre 2008, Palestine, Sudan, Syria – Bottom left to right – Jordan, South Yemen, United Arab Republic, Yemen, Somaliland, Syria, pre-1963

One aspect I haven’t heard anyone discuss is the choice of bird. No one has mentioned that the falcon is the national symbol of Palestine, seen on Palestinian Authority correspondence. Also as seen in graphic in almost identical forms in several Arab states.

Aside from the lese majesty of insulting the national symbol falcons would hardly be my first choice as avian commando. They aren’t so easy to catch or handle, with their sharp claws. How would one go about training a falcon to fly in a specific direction?

Who knows where they might land? Hopefully they will drop their payload back on the terrorists’ heads.

Please feel free to share this updated Palestinian Explosive Falcon emblem when the issue of burning birds arises.


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