Busted, Defeated, Suckered?

Bluff, Deceive, Swindle? Destroy?Sydney Morning Herald logoBusted, Defeated, Suckered?

… We can only hope!

Fiona Byrne of the Australian Green Party was scheduled to win the New South Wales state seat of Marrickville. As mayor of the local government Municipality of Marrickville she had made her Destroy Israel Lobby credentials plain by making the municipality the first in Australia to boycott Israel and was headed to push BDS on the State.

But the wheels fell off her waggon when she was defeated in the recent NSW state elections (I’ll be blogging about this soon) and her BDS stance was universally considered to be the cause.

Now even the council stance is under attack after a report commissioned by the council showed boycotting Israel would lose the council almost $AUS 4 million. Byrne was forced to concede the boycott was “impractical and untenable”.

Action item: Vote ‘Against’ in the Sydney Morning Herald Poll: How do you rate Marrickville Council’s stance on Gaza?

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