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18 July 2011

There is a red line between an arguable point of difference and siding with the enemy and Peace Now have truly crossed it by encouraging the boycott of Israeli products from across the Green Line.  I have reproduced their list below. Apparently the boycott has led to a purchase spurt and so it should be. It may be hard to find these products in shops outside Israel but you should try.

Apologies if this information is not 100% accurate. Consider its dubious source.

Firm Product Location
A & M Greenberg Food Products Atarot Industrial Zone
A.L. Five Stars
A.S. Cohen Marketing Marketing
Abadi Bakery (“Mizrahiot” Cookies) Bakery Atarot Industrial Zone
Ability Computer and Software Industries Computer and Software Industries
Achdut Food Products
Adanim Tea Beverages Ofra
Adir Plastic Packaging Plastic Packaging
Adumim Food Additives Food Additives
Afic Printing Products Printing Products
Agrexco Agricultural Export Company Agricultural Exports
AGS Toys and games Beit Horon
Ahava Dead Sea Health Products Cosmetics Mitzpe Shalem
Ahdut Factory for Tehina, Halva, and Sweets Tehina, Halva, and Sweets
Ahva Halva and Candy Barkan Industrial Zone
Almog Tradex
Alum-Tal Glass products Edomim IZ
Aluminum Construction C.L. Israel Aluminum Construction
Amir Marketing and Investment in Agriculture Marketing and Investment
Amgazit Gas equipment Gush Etzion
Amnon & Tamar-Other food products Food Products
Amphorae Vineyard Wine
Apax Partners
Arava Export Growers Food Products
Aridan Printing Productions Printing
Arieh Plast Nylon bags Ma’ale Ephraim IZ
Aroma Nama
Arza Wine Cellars T.R.Z. Wine
Assa Abloy
Assaf Winery
Atid Packaging Packaging
Atzei Shitim
Avgol Nonwoven Industries Un-woven fabric Barkan IZ
Aviv Builders Atarot
Aviah Safety equipment Ma’ale Ephraim IZ
Ayelet Barkan
B. Gaon Holdings
B.R.B. Industries, BarBur Laundry Laundry
Balfour Industries M.I.T (Balfour Springs Industry)
Bar Haim Food Products Edomim I.Z.
Bar Mazon Produce Food Products
Barkan Metal and wood furnature Barkan IZ
Barkan Mounting Systems
Barkan Wineries Wine Barkan IZ
Barkan Sweets Food Products-Candy Barkan IZ
BarKat Food Products-Candy Barkan IZ
Bashan Winery Wine
Bazelet Hagolan Winery Wine
Beigel & Beigel Pretzel Bakery Barkan IZ
Beita Improving the Quality of Building
Beitili Furniture and carpets Barkan IZ
Ben-Or Vacuum packing Barkan IZ
Ben-Tal Motors Electric Motors Merom Golan
Benda Plast Food packing Katzrin IZ
Benitex Camping equipment Edomim IZ
Best Stones Stones
Beton Atarot
Better and Different Edomim IZ
Binyamina Winery Wine
Bloko Ltd Printing dyes Edomim IZ
“Builders of the Fathers Town” Building blocks Kiryat Arba
Caesarea Carpets-Textile products Carpets
California Shayish and Carpenters Carpenters
Carmel Carpets Carpets
Carmel Holdings
Carmigal Ceramics Alphei Menashe IZ
Chano Textile Textiles
Chateau Golan Winery Wine
Chen Eastern Industries
Chic Design Ltd.
CIM Lustigman
Citybook Services
Clima Israel Aluminum Aluminum
Cohen Brothers Butchers Atarot Industrial Zone
Contact International
Cool Mineral Water (made in France) Imported by Sunleader Barkan IZ
Daniel Furniture Edomim IZ
Danshar Holdings
Dar-El Printing circuits Ariel
David Nona
Dead Sea Laboratories-Cosmetics Cosmetics
Dekel Acher Group
Delta Textile Marketing Textiles
Dispobud Textiles
Distek Metal Products
DNM Technical Equipment and Tools Technical Equipment and Tools
Doron Furniture Design Furniture
Dotan Leather goods Mevoh Dotan
Eastern LInes
Easy Clean
Eden Springs Water Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Edom UK
Edomim Publishers Edomim IZ
Edomim Wood mills Edomim IZ
Edomim Chemicals Cleaning Products Edomim IZ
Eitan and Inon Herbs Herbs
El Ez
Elyahu Zalman & Sons Metal Tubes Industries Metal Products
Elyakim Ben Ari
Elyon Spices Alphey Menashe
Emek Ayalon Furniture Furniture
Enercon Ariel
Enter Net Computers and Equipment Computers and Equipment
EPR Systems
Eshkol Publishers Edomim IZ
Evyg Advanced Technology
Export Books Factory Books Factory Atarot IZ
Fermentek-Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals
FiberTech Fiberglass pipes Karnei Shomron
Flanero Kitchen utensils Gush Etzion
Flick Plastic bags and file folders Mevoh Hama
Flowers Direct Flowers
Formula Systems
Fried Brothers Feather Industries Feather Industries
Fun Bak
Gachelet Aluminum factory Atarot IZ
Galran S.E. Industries
Gat Shomron Winery Wine
Gelman Science and technology Atarot IZ
General Mills (Pillsbury) Food Products
Geshuri Advanced Technologies
Geshuri and Sons Industries
Gilad Spices Spices Elon Moreh
Givon Winery Wine
Glatt Of Chicken Slaughterhouse Atarot IZ
Golan Cheese Cheese Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Golan Dairies Dairy Products Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Golan Industries Metal Products Bnei Yehuda
Golan Wines Wine Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Gold Pie Pie factory Edomim IZ
Golden Ryd Dyl
Granit 2000 Marble and granite Edomim IZ
Green Oil Energy Machine oil Ariel
Greenkote-Other products
Gush Etzion Winery Wine
H. Wagshal Publishers Edomim IZ
Ha’alonim Marble 2000 Marble Edomim IZ
Ha’argaz Technopach Metal Industries Metal Products
Hacormim Vineyard Wine Edomim IZ
Hadiklaim-Fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs Food Products
Hadiklaim-Israel Date Growers Cooperative Dates
Hagim Electronics Neveh Dekalim
Hamashbir Holdings
Hamizrah Wines Wine Edomim IZ
Hanson Israel
Har-Shefi Packing Beit-El
Hasholsha Products, Jerusalem Atarot IZ
Hebron Wines Wine Qiryat Arba IZ
HeidelbergCement Cement
Herto Textile Industries Edomim IZ
Hlavin Industries Plastic Products Barkan IZ
Hod Tiles Kiryat Arba IZ
Hogla Jerusalem Paper Products Atarot IZ
Housing and Construction Holding Co. Construction
Housing and Construction-Solel Boneh Infrastructures Construction
IAT Carpets Edomim IZ
Idan Camping Camping
IDB Group
Ikoo Designs Design
Impertec Industries
Intellitech Engineering Mechanical and Aviation Engineering Mechanical and Aviation
Intercosma-Cosmetics Cosmetics Atarot IZ
Irit Silk Screen Printing Edomim IZ
IRPC Rubber Products Co. Rubber Products
I.S. Illumination Edomim IZ
Ishai Zion and Sons
Isra-Beton Cement Atarot IZ
Israel Salt Company Salt
Israel United Laundires Laundry Atarot IZ
Israel Weg Engineering Engineering
Israphot Industries
Isratoys Toys
IsraVit Plastic and metal products Edomim IZ
Italek, Aldo Ice Creams, Tartufo Ice Creams Ice Cream
Ivgi Morris
Jerusalem Granola Granola bars Atarot IZ
Jerusalem Knitworks Uniforms Edomim IZ
Jerusalem Pencils Pencils Atarot IZ
Jordan Plains Development Corporation
Jordan River Herbs Food Products
K. Schleisner Works
Kanfei Yona Tannery Edomim TZ
Katzenstein Adler
Kerur Habikha
Keshet Prima
Keter Plastic Plastic products
Kfar Giladi Quarries Stone
Klima Israel Ltd Atarot IZ
Klufim Processing of Potatoes Edomim IZ
Koralek Almog Sifting Machines and Production Systems Machines and Production Systems
Krashin Shalev Metal Industries Metal Industries
Land of Choice Olive Oil Olive Oil
Lasri Ltd Metal products Edomim IZ
Levi Metal and wood products Edomim IZ
Lipski Plastic Industries Plastic Products Barkan IZ
Lital Furniture Edomim IZ
Lithotech Medical Medical Products
Luiza Herbal Tea Alon Moreh
Malam Team
Malosh Borekas Kobi Food Products Edomim I.Z.
Mapal Plastic Products Plastic Products
Matrix IT
Mavrik Shoe polish Edomim IZ
Maxima Air Separation Center
Maya Foods, The Jerusalem Spice of Life Food Products
Mayer’s Cars and Trucks Cars and Trucks
Medan General Contracting Earth Roads and Quarries Stone
Mega Print Printing
Mehadrin Group
Mehadrin Tnuport Export-Fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs Food Products
Mei Zurim Water purification Gush Etzion
Meitarim Quarry Stone
Menachem Wagshal
Meshek Zuriel Dairy Dairy Products
Meytag High Tech Ventures High Tech
Miriam Shoham
Modan Satchels, handbags Shaked
Mofet B’Yehuda
Mordechai Aviv Construction Industries Construction
Mordechai Binyamin and Sons Earth Works
Mortan Marketing and Trade Marketing
Motola Preserves
MTV Shampoo Shampoo Barkan IZ
Mul-T-Lock-Metal products Metal Products Barkan IZ
Neetuv Management and Development Co.
Negev Yam Chemicals Cleaning Products Gush Katif
Nesarim Wood work production and marketing Atarot IZ
Neve-Zuf Computers Software and systems Halamish
New Noga Light
Niron Textile threads Emanuel
Nitzanei Shalom Paper Industries Paper Products
Odem Mountain Winery Wine
Of Habira Chicken Edomim IZ
Ofertex Industries Textiles Barkan IZ
Oppenheimer Manufacturing and Marketing Manufacturing and Marketing
Oppenheimer Food Products- Candy Atarot IZ
Optima Edomim IZ
Or-Lil Electronics Katzrin IZ
Oval Computers Barkan IZ
Oval Medical equipment Barkan IZ
Paint Li Importers of paint and art tools Nili
Palphot Post cards and calendars Karnei Shomron
Paz el Sinun
Pelter Winery Wine
Pereg Air Conditioning Atarot IZ
Plast Fiber Plastic products Karnei Shomron
Plasto Polish (Barkan)
Plustic Solutions
Psagot Winery Wine
R.N. Ltd Judaica Edomim IZ
RabinTex Ltd Textiles and camping equipment Edomim IZ
Ram Quality Products B.R. (Tip Top Toys Star) Toys
Ramat Hagolan Dairy Dairy Products Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)
Ramat Magshimim Automation Ramat Magshimim
Ratek Industries Cement Edomim IZ
Readymix Industries
Remet Trom Aluminum products Edomim IZ
Rolbit Electronic Thermostats and Controllers Electronic Thermostats and Controllers
Romix Mixing Equipment
Ronopol Plastic products Barkan IZ
RonoPolidan Packaging Packaging
Rosentoys, Buba-Li Industries Toys
SA.D.R. Construction Works Co. Construction
Salit (Mishor Edomim) Quarry and Plant Stone
Schem Laboratories Cleaning chemicals Kdumim
Shahaf Metal Products Edomim IZ
Shai Key Metal Trade Metal Products
Shaked Carpets Carpets
Shamir Salads-Other food products Food Products Barkan IZ
Shamrock Holding
Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering Engineering
Sherut Packaging Barkan IZ
Shiloh Technologies Edomim IZ
Shomron Barkalit Tires Tires
Shomron Meat Meat Products Karney Shomron
Si Kirsum
Soda-Club-Beverages Beverages Edomim IZ
SodaStream Beverages
Sofrei Ltd. Food production and marketing Edomim IZ
Sol Camping Camping equipment Barkan IZ
Spideshe Ready grown lawn Gilgal
Sprinco Industrial springs Barkan IZ
Spiral Glass Glass
Spray Metal Coatings Metal Products
Spyro Plastics Plastic Products
Star Auto parts Edomim IZ
Star Night Technologies
Streicher Uniforms Edomim IZ
Super Class Salads produced for “Hyper-Col” Barkan IZ
Super Isra-chom Solar systems Edomim IZ
Supergum Industries
Susya Dairy Dairy Products
T.A.C. Accessory Corporation Israel
Tal El Collection and Recycling
TAPI Plastic products Edomim IZ
Tara (Milco Industries)
Tayar Doors
Technoplast Plastic fittings Barkan IZ
Tekoa Mushrooms Mushrooms Tekoa
Tel Arza Wines Wine Edomim IZ
Tel Bar Industries for Health Institutions Medical Products
Teltone Electronics Electronics
Tempo Beer Industries Beer
Teperberg 1870
Tescom Software Systems Testing Technology
The Archivists
The Arison Investments
The Central Bottling Company (Coca Cola Israel) Beverages
The Metrontario Group
The Solor Group
The Trendlines Group
Tishbi Estate Winery (Habaron Wine Cellars) Wine
Tishbi Estate Winery-Beverages Wine
Tohikon Arts and Crafts Ma’ale Ephraim
Top Greenhouses
TopTrans Translation Services Translation
Twitoplast Plastic Products
Tzarfati Metals Industries Metal Products Edomim IZ
Tzifha International
Unikowsky Maoz
Victory Oil seals Edomim IZ
Villar International
Von Roll Transformers Electronics (transformers)
Yahav Oranit
Yamit E.L.I Filtration and Water Treatment Filtration and Water Treatment
Yardeni Locks Holdings Metal Products Barkan IZ
Yatir Quarry Stone
Ye’ela Quality Furniture Furniture
Yerek Adom Food Products Edomim IZ
Yershalmi Rope Industries Rope Barkan IZ
Zakai Agricultural Know-How and Inputs
Zeev’s Technics
Zion Wines Wine Edomim IZ
Zivanit Shoes Ein Zivan
Zriha Hlavin Industries


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