BUYcott March 30, 2011

Bluff, Deceive, Swindle? Destroy?

BUYCOTT March 30, 2011 Click for Flyer 

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BUYcott March 30, 2011

buycott is the opposite of a boycott; that is, an active campaign to buy the products or services of a particular company or country.

The best way to counter Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (Bluff, Deceive, Swindle?) is to buy Israeli goods and be seen buying them. Even better, if BDS is demonstrating in front of a shop in your area when you do. Show them you won’t be intimidated.

Five Minutes for Israel applauds StandWithUs call for schools, campuses, synagogues, community organizations, and individuals to celebrate Israel on March 30 by purchasing Israeli-made products and countering the global anti-Israel boycott day.

Action Items:

  • Take part in the BUYCOTT March 30, 2011
  • Download the flyer and paste copies in your community
  • Take pictures and videos of yourself purchasing Israeli products, and send them to StandwithUs.
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Wear the free BIG (Buy Israeli Goods) button(limit of 5)
  • Tell your local shop that you are buying Israeli
  • Thank the shop management
  • Spread the word
  • Sign up to BUYcott groups to hear about future campaigns

Israeli Goods?

Among the Israeli brands commonly featured in American retail stores are many kosher wines like Golan and Carmel, Ahava (and other Dead Sea) beauty products, Elite chocolate, Sabra hummus, Strauss cheese and particularly this time of year, many different brands of matzah. Drug maker Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest maker of generic prescription drugs in the world, is also an Israeli company.

Israeli has a quite comprehensive list of Health & Beauty items, clothing & accessories, Food, Toys & Children’s items, Gifts, Art & Judaica, Books, Music & Software, Services and Houseware from Israel.

Friends-of-Israel-Western Australia

Friends of Israel, Western Australia

BuyCOTT Israel

Buycott Israel, Canada


US & Canada locations

Israeli Products



More on the BUYcott ‘BIG Day’ to buy Israeli products set for March 30, Paul Lungen, Canadian Jewish News

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