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21 September 2012

Oppose University of California Students Association BDS trick

When someone cheats and everybody knows they cheated and they know they cheated and they know that everybody knows (have I covered all the bases?) how can they feel satisfied that they have won?

The University of California Students Association (USCA) claims to seek to advance higher education by empowering current and future students to advocate on their own behalf for the accessibility, affordability, and quality of the University of California system. Do you see anything there about representing all students to boycott Israel?

Without informing anyone (sic. except the Palestinian organisations) in advance that the motion is on the table, USCA staged a vote on Rosh Hashana ensuring that Jewish opposition wouldn’t be heard. UCSA is a membership-based coalition of undergraduate and graduate student governments of UC campuses, none of whom having the opportunity to put the issue to their own members. Twelve representatives voted in favour.

“The resolution’s attack on legitimate concerns about anti-Israel extremism and anti-Semitism is deeply disturbing, but even more disturbing are the proponents’ devious, undemocratic tactics. They essentially ambushed Jewish and other pro-Israel students by  using secretive tactics and not notifying anyone who might disagree with the proposed resolution. Adding to their lack of transparency, they debated the resolution during the weekend of Rosh Hashanah, the holiest days of the Jewish year, when Jewish students were unavailable to debate the anti-Israel resolution. It’s not surprising they reported that no dissenting views were heard. We’ve seen anti-Israel extremists use these guerrilla tactics in the past to shut down debate and ram through their hostile agenda.  This is a recurring pattern,” said Roz Rothstein, StandWithUs CEO.

Action Item:

  • Vote for the StandWithUs petition to be sure that the recommendation to institute official efforts to address anti-Semitism on UC campuses is adopted (the more Californians the better :-).


  • California State Assembly HR 35 HTML link
  • UCSA Resolution in relation to HR 35 PDF

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