Calling for a cartoonist

Graphic Advocates iconI have an idea for a cartoon.

Two panels – any graphic artists – cartoonists ready for a very quick project?

BEFORE: With blood and fire we will redeem you O’ Jerusalem (I see militant jihadi, with sword or perhaps stones, here).
After: Oh my God! I’m bleeding! Call the UN. (Here I see the same jihadi as a  butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth innocent. Perhaps with his sword on the ground attended by the same jihadi in an ambulance medic’s uniform).

About David Guy

B.A./B.C.A. (Communication and Media Arts) University of Wollongong, AUSTRALIA M.A. in Government (Diplomacy and Conflict Studies) Inter Disciplinary Center, Herzliya, ISRAEL Twitter @5MFI
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2 Responses to Calling for a cartoonist

  1. Yoni says:

    Hey I can draw this up for you in a jiffy. I can most likely have it up by the weekend. Is that soon enough?

  2. David Guy says:

    🙂 The sooner the better. I’d like to have it online while the current issues are still newsworthy.

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