Cameron in Turkey: hypocrite

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Did he mention the Kurds, Armenians or Northern Cyprus?

Five Minutes for Israel has no opinion about Turkey’s entry into the European Union. We accept that there are Israel advocates on both sides of the question. We do draw the line when the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom uses  a joint news conference, in Turkey to attack Israel.

Cameron: ‘Gaza can not remain a prison camp’

  • Did Cameron lecture Turkey in public or private about their war with the Kurds. One that has taken and estimated 140,000 lives since 1961, far more than have died in Gaza in the same period?
  • Did Cameron remind the Turks they maintained a blockade against Armenia for 16 years?
  • Did Cameron pontificate on Turkey’s occupation of Northern Cyprus? One that led to the expulsion/ fleeing for their lives of the Greek population, who have not been allowed back? Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza Daniel Pipes

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