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FREE GAZA – from Hamas


0savesSave BufferGraphics to share Use and share these graphics freely. contains these graphics in PNG and JPG format. This file may also be downloaded and shared.

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Going Viral


0savesSave BufferGaza seen as schoolyard bully owned For some days I have been pointing out the similarities of the Gaza/Israel conflict to a viral video ‘Fat kid owns bully’. You probably have seen it. A smaller boy taunts and punches … Continue reading

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Not another doll!

BufferFauxtography returns to Gaza During the Second Lebanon War a new term entered the bloggers’ lexicon: fauxtography – a combination of faux meaning imitation or artificial  and photography. A close cousin to the video version AKA Pallywood, it took several recognisable … Continue reading

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Art of Living in Rehovot


0savesSave BufferLiving Statues Festival – Rehovot 2014 This is a sample of the 5th Living Statues Festival held in the first week of July. Worth visiting Rehovot if you are in the area next year. if not, there is still President … Continue reading

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Share video – share graphic


0savesSave BufferWhat would your country do? One constant charge against Israel is that it is excused behaviour that no other country is allowed. The opposite is true. It took just one act of terrorism for the United States to invade Afghanistan and … Continue reading

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Google Ramon

Google Doodle II Does anyone know if Israel’s Arab neighbours see this Google Doodle commemorating astronaut Ilan Ramon – the first Israeli to die in space – and other achievements in Israel’s defence? Or is this just an Israel thing?    

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Passover 2014


0savesSave BufferAKA Pessach 5774 While designing the Five Minutes for Israel Pessach card that you see below, I realised the traditional matza motif was becoming a bit stale (weak pun intended). So I experimented with other icons of Pessach.

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Would you buy?


0savesSave BufferShare this graphic I always felt the question, ‘would you buy a used car from this person?’ was a little unfair. Sure I would (I’ve bought lemons before) but I wouldn’t vote for him. The real question is, having … Continue reading

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Dry Bones is looking for an intern


0savesSave BufferIs this you? Unfortunately I am too old and not smart enough to be a Dry Bones intern. I certainly would have jumped at the chance is I was. Yaakov Kirschen is the leading Israel advocate cartoonist of today … Continue reading

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Posters and Imposters 2014

Palestinian Hypocrisy Weak 2014 The graphic resources for Palestinian Apartheid Week 2014, have come online rather late. Five Minutes for Israel continues the ‘tradition’ of parodying their materials. 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 Materials Hi-res for printing Palestinian Hypocrisy Weak (eng) … Continue reading

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