Citius, Altius, Fortius, Insanus

Rearranged numbers

Citius, Altius, Fortius, Insanus†

The news isn’t new news but it keeps coming back. Iran on Monday said it might boycott the 2012 London Olympics because of the event’s ‘racist’ logo which resembles the word Zion, the official IRNA news agency reported. If you read the logo in the right way the stylised ‘two’  can be seen as a ‘Z for Zulu’; the ‘one’ underneath as an ‘I for India’; the ‘zero’ as an ‘O for Oscar’ and the final ‘two’ if you stand it on it’s side as an ‘N for November’. I guess the little diamond shape can serve as the dot above the ‘I’.

Most people I speak to,  look at the heavily criticized London 2011 logo and don’t think it’s racist. They think it’s gay!

In the eye of the beholderCoca Cola Logo Backwards

Does anyone see Lisa Simpson and a computer console?

I don’t see Zion when I look. I see the virgin Mary and the baby Jesus in the logo Wink This is rather strange because I am Jewish and not a believer.

It’s interesting to compare Christian and Muslim reaction to ‘appearances’. Christians may see a vision in wallstreeswindows or grilled cheese sandwiches and interpret it as miracle. Muslims see visions in icecream and sportshoes and see it as an insult to be corrected or avenged. Fish scales andeggplant seem to be OK.

Is the medium really the message?

They even see insult in Coca Cola (apparently when viewed in the mirror it reads No Mecca, No Mohammed) and Pepsi Cola (Pay Every Penny to Save Israel). I always suspected those urban legends kept circulating to bolster the competing Mecca Cola and Qibla Cola (free advertising courtesy of the BBC).

Zionist OlympicsIs 2012 Israel’s year at the Olympics?

If Iran boycotts the Games they will have to explain away fewer defecting Iranians.

Maybe the Iranians aren’t so mad after all?

  • Could 2012 be the year (no disrespect to Yael Arad†† and Gal Friedman‡‡) that Israel wins medals in ‘real’ sports (swifter, higher, stronger) like running, jumping or weightlifting?
  • Could, despite all indications to the contrary, the evil Zionist Lobby actually have the clout to have the English do something that benefits Israel?

Missing the point?

Most writing on this story use it as a hook to declare the logo as ‘crap’. Then, they laugh at the Iranian paranoia. Some joke about stoning women and hanging gays as Olympic events.

The implicit assumption, that Israel is a racist, criminal country is not challenged, only the Iranian over-developed imagination. Even if the logo somehow did spell out Zion, Zionism is not racism!

Worth Reading:

† The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius. These three Latin words mean Swifter, Higher, Stronger. No prizes for guessing Insanus is Crazier.
‡ Israel advocate, Elder of Zion has taken the initiative and is selling the fashionable Zion: Zionist Games, London 2011 T-shirt, online.
†† Yael Arad was the first Israeli to win an Olympic medal. Silver in Judo.
‡‡  Gal Friedman was the first Israeli to ever win an Olympic gold medal. He also had previously won a bronze, both in windsurfing.

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