Correspondence with airbnb

NOVEMBER 21, 2018

10:31 AM
Dear airbnb,
Your decision to delist Jewish properties in Judea and Samaria is racist, discriminatory and I’m sure you discover with the lawsuit you will be facing, illegal.Until airbnb reverses this decision I and no doubt thousands more will turn to your competitors.

Thanks for your message — Airbnb Support will reply as soon as a specialist becomes available.

10:32 AM

Airbnb SupportAirbnb Support
10:44 AM
Hi David, this is Nico from Airbnb Support.
We know that this is a controversial issue and we thank you for reaching out. There are many strong views here and we respect all of them. We did not make this decision lightly.I’m not an expert on this subject. To answer your questions about the decision, I recommend reading the statement we published to our website.
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