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04 September 2012

Appropriating the Holocaust

Rachel Corrie is not Anne Frank

If Anne Frank (b.1929) was alive in  2003 she most likely would have been a grandmother in Israel worrying about the safety of her grandson fighting the fascists whom Rachel Corrie died to protect. About seventy-five per cent (75%) of Jews in Holland perished at the hands of the Nazis and Dutch collaborators and after the war, for a period, Dutch Jews were the largest Western aliya group. Even had she not come to Israel, she would have recognised Hamas’s genocidal language, immediately.

So equating Anne Frank with Rachel Corrie does serve to leave a very bad taste in one’s mouth. Rachel Corrie as a child and Anne FrankThe court decision in Haifa that Rachel Corrie was entirely responsible for her early demise has contributed to many efforts to beatify her. Still the comparison with Anne Frank was a new one. At least to me. perhaps it shouldn’t have been. Anne in a keffiya has already made her appearance.

The picture to the right does not show Corrie as she was before death nor the screaming, headscarf wearing, flag burning version (not exactly a surprise) but a version as a young girl approximately Anne’s age. Whoever prepared it even sepia aged the more modern photograph to reinforce the similarities.So gentle, so innocent and so false†.

It applies a juxtaposition technique, first developed by the Russian cinematographers. If something appears next to something else it belongs together, no matter how implausible that might be. Later I discovered how often the Israel Haters use the same trick of Holocaust icon next to Palestinian propaganda. Will discuss that further on.

Victoria Beckham - Anne FrankSo as a public service I have prepared another juxtaposition. Feel free to post it whenever the Corrie-Frank version pops up.

Who is the cute, angelic, innocent girl next to Anne Frank? Mother Teresa? Julia Gillard? Isabel Martínez de Perón? Would she play chicken with heavy earth moving machinery?

This is a young Keira Knightley. For all her virtues, Anne Frank she is not.

Rachel Corrie Anne Frank
XY Chromosomes XY Chromosomes
Aged 23 at death – ADULT Aged 16 at death – MINOR
Chose to enter the Rafah war zone The Netherlands invaded by Nazi Germany
Deluded herself that blondeness would be a talisman against Israelis  Knew Jewishness would cause racist Nazis would kill her
Protected fascists who wanted to kill Jews Hid from fascists who wanted to kill Jews

Juxtaposition of an icon

Warsaw/Palestine juxtapositionI have written previously about Arab attitudes to the Holocaust in Christmas vs. Hanukka. Roughly this comes down to Didn’t happen, didn’t do it and the Jews had it coming to them. Perhaps I should have added a fourth attitude. Palestinian are the new Jewish victims/resistance of the new holocaust. More than Anne Frank, the Destroy Israel Lobby appropriates the iconic boy with arms raised from the Warsaw Ghetto.

Actually any child confrontation with Israel authority will do. It’s an ultimate irony. They encourage children to throw stones, raise their shirts as if to say shoot me and generally get in the faces of Israeli soldiers and police. That’s resistance and should be praised even if it is, much or even most, of the time a posed phot-op. They are the Palestinian David versus the Israeli Goliath – yet another appropriation from the Jews. When the inevitable comeuppance happens, be it arrest or worse, that is Israel acting like Nazis. That is the Palestinian as victim and must be condemned. Yet another instance of false juxtaposition.

One of the many ironies, in appropriating Holocaust imagery, is also the Arab ambivalence towards Anne Frank. Some see her as a Zionist plot. Anne Frank’s diary offends Lebanon’s Hezbollah to the point they successfully banned  it from Lebanese schools. Others, mirroring Holocaust denial, claim the famous diary was an adult forgery. Despite court cases and assorted proof conspiracy theorists remain conspiracy theorists.

In the public interest I have produced a couple of more appropriate juxtapositions. Use, distribute and share freely.

Click picture for larger image

Juxtaposition Warsaw and Jewish blood

Palestinian child demonstrates how to dip hands in Jewish blood

Juxtaposition Warsaw-suicide belt

Palestinian child shows how to kill Jews ( and himself) with a suicide belt

Further reading:The many faces of the face of the Holocaust, THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, Matt Lebovic, 10 June, 2012

† Keeping with Five Minutes for Israel custom I have superimposed a faint 5-in-a-staricon so the original will not be distributed, even by accident.

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