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Star-Jon-Stewart star-red-nose-stewartJon Stewart wins Red Nose Award at 2nd attempt

Almost two years ago Jon Stewart came close to being awarded the clown’s red nose for a gormless and badly misinformed attempt to explain Gaza’s economic problems (see Economics of Intifada).

It takes an extraordinary amount of ignorance combined with an inflated sense of moral superiority to win the coveted award. Stewart persevered and convinced the judges (OK me). He is the (un)worthy winner of Five Minutes for Israel’s latest Red Nose Award.Fisking

As Five Minutes for Israel refuses to link to material that can be used to denigrate Israel and I don’t have the technical chops to label a video as garbage you will have to accept the less graphic means of a fisking. If you really have to see the original, check for it on YouTube.

The screen announcement says Israeli tanks are poised to invade Gaza, and which ends with the words “as the aerial bombardment from both sides continues.”

Stewart: “Tastes great. More killing.” Laughter from the audience.
It’s a joke to you Mr. Stewart? Israelis disagree about when, where, how and if an invasion takes place but not one, repeat no one, thinks it is a joke.

Stewart: “Both sides are engaging in aerial bombardment but one side seems to be bomb-better-at-it”. Laughter from the audience.
And your point is? This isn’t a boxing match and there isn’t any weight classes in warfare.

Stewart: “So the Israelis have a high-tech smart-phone alert system. How are the Gazans notified”? CNN report on the Knock-on-the-roof warning. So Israel warns the Gazans of an imminent bombing with a smaller warning bombing. Laughter from the audience.
Mr. Stewart, the Israelis are the enemy, Didn’t you notice? To give your enemy any sort of real-time warning in war-time, let alone an effective one, is unprecedented. Losing the advantage of surprise is too important to do that. Are you going to ask how much Hamas has invested in protecting its citizens? That’s easy. Nothing!

Stewart: “Evacuate to where? Have you seen Gaza”? Strong laughter
Yes, Mr.Stewart, I have seen Gaza – have you? The answer is 250 metres down the road. That’s about as far as you can get in minutes. Not to the borders and not to the sea but you are still alive. What part of that don’t you understand?

Stewart:”Perhaps nothing sums up the asymmetrical nature of this conflict than a quick check up with the correspondents assigned to the respective beats”. Picture of two correspondents flashes up. One in Tel Aviv is dressed in shirt-sleeves and the other in Gaza in blast jacket and helmet”. Even stronger laughter  although I seem to have missed why this particular bit is funny. Perhaps it is Stewart slapping the desk.

Mr. Stewart seeing as you’re the one with the maps, please tell me how far Tel Aviv is from Gaza? Let me make you an offer. Come to Sderot or Ashdod or Askelon which are taking the brunt of the bombing and see for yourself. Just remember they and you have 15 seconds to reach shelter after an alarm sounds, as it does at least 10X a day. Someone might come to your show if you have the balls to present it. Peach -coloured body armour, perhaps?

Yes, the power is on Israel’s side but you never seem to ask yourself or make it part of your shtick. What sort of crazy picks such a fight with a so much stronger opponent? What sort of crazy has so little concern for the citizens of the area it governs? What did that crazy do to male Israel so mad? Actually that should have been your first question.

As I type this out Israel has just sent land forces into Gaza. Israelis may die. Gazans will certainly die.

What sort of crazy thinks that funny? Jon Stewart you thoroughly deserve the award. Jon Stewart on Gaza

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