Crowdfunding Jerusalem

JerusalemTEMPLE MOUNT-The true story

Making a factual film about Temple Mount is the best way to spread the Truth!

Filmmaker (War Crimes in Gaza) Pierre Rehov hopes to raise $45,000 in the next two months by crowdfunding. You can help.

Action Items

  • Donate to TEMPLE MOUNT – The True Story,
  • Encourage others to donate,
  • Share this on your social media. It doesn’t matter if this duplicates an earlier entry because coming from you gives it even more credibility.

About Pierre Rehov

If you’re tired of the New York Times-NPR Slant on Israel and the Palestinians, here’s good news: documentary filmmaker Pierre Rehov has been challenging prevailing myths since 2001. With seven films already to his credit and another on the way, this serious, never boring, and above all else courageous documentarian is starting to make some serious waves”
(Michael Margolies – New York Press)


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