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21 January 2013

Show you care — give your vote away </SARC>

Israelis doing the right thing according to the BBC The Israelis who give their vote to Palestinians While most Israelis abuse their democratic right to vote by electing people the BBC doesn’t approve of: Netanyahu/Lieberman/Haredim, for example, some Israelis are giving that right away to the people who really want the best for Israel – random Palestinians.

To quote Pounce from the Biased BBC blog:

In a nutshell nice but dim Israelis will allow somebody they only know from Facebook to dictate their vote. The BBC thinks it is a wonderful idea in allowing Palestinians to vote in an election they have no right to vote in. I suppose something similar would be to allow Taliban freedom fighters living in Afghanistan to vote in the next British election.

A small disclaimer here. I hold joint Australian and Israeli citizenship but I do not exercise my right to vote in Oz. I feel that as I will not have to suffer the consequences of my decision I should not inflict my possibly mistaken and ill-informed choice on residents of that continent. And unlike random Palestinians I don’t harbor any grudges against Australia or Aussies so there is no danger of malice.

Will Yuval Ben-Ami be reporting regularly for the BBC from Israel? He seems ideally qualified, as a staff member of +972 Magazine, a leftist publication that believes Israel is destroying itself: that it is an apartheid state and that calls for foreign intervention to compel Israel to change. Information the BBC didn’t feel necessary to share with its readers.

Just consider this quote from the article.

Besides being a politics student at Ben Gurion University, she is a member of an organisation helping struggling Palestinian communities in the South Hebron hills benefit from renewable energy sources. In short, she is an informed, concerned Israeli citizen.

Actually Aya Shoshan is quite a bit more than a politics student and hardly a typical Israeli citizen. She may think of herself as a citizen of the world given that she has been active in social protest in several countries, that are not her own (wouldn’t you call that agitation)? She was a leader of the tent protest that was Israel’s equivalent and inspired by the Occupy movement – another factoid that Ben-Ami/BBC didn’t think important enough to share.

As for her being an informed, concerned Israeli citizen many would disagree. I think Pounce’s nice but dim is closer to accuracy. While I mostly agree with Pounce I’m not sure how nice or dim these Israelis really are. Perhaps we should hope for dim rather than Machiavellian.

This isn’t journalism. It is crude opinion – advertising for a political agenda, masquerading as journalism.

Action Item

Are you an Israeli? Tomorrow is election day. Exercise the right that so many have fought and died for. Go to your polling station and cast your vote.

Not sure (BTW neither am I) then vote for someone close to your beliefs. Take a look at Compass points if you are still perplexed.

Don’t give you vote away either at random† like the clowns the Ben-Ami/BBC seem to approve so much. Remember not voting is giving your vote away  to those who you wouldn’t want there.

Keep informed about the election

Parliamentary Democracy

† Actually there is little doubt the general direction of the Palestinians’ vote. Does any one really think that these generous Israelis would swallow their preferences and vote for Netanyahu/Lieberman if their new friend instructed them to?

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