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‘Boycott Israel’ Ad Barred From Ann Arbor Buses

Not apparently for THE second-rate graphic design although there is precedent.

CBS asks if an advertisement Boycott “Israel” – Boycott Apartheid and ‘tastefully’ decorated with a skull-faced spider should be allowed on Detroit buses. The court has already accepted  Ann Arbor Transit Authority’s decision that the ad violated their advertising policy.

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The Jew as spider is a classic antisemitic code used by the Nazis, the Soviets and contemporary antisemitism.

The Spider  as a dehumanising code for Jooos

According to Yaakov Kirschen (who as Dry Bones graciously allows me to republish his cartoons on site) in Memetics and the Viral Spread of Antisemitism through ‘Coded Images’ in Political Cartoons there are two varieties of Dehumanising Antisemitic Image Codes, the Demonising and the Zoomorphic. This image manages to combine both. The purpose is to prevent others from empathy towards Jews.

One of the most common is to present the Jew as a spider. The skull, fangs and devoured skulls and bones are self explanatory.

I suppose it possible that Blaine Coleman might trot out the tired mantra that he was really targeting Israel not the Jews but is there anything in the image that can be considered iconic to Israel?

Detroit: Not the best place to win a poll on restricting Jew Hatred

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city with the largest percentage of Arab Americans is Dearborn, Michigan, a southwestern suburb of Detroit, at nearly 40%. Coincidentally, Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company published antisemitic texts such as The International Jew in Detroit and his personal newspaper The Dearborn Independent chronicled what he considered the “Jewish Menace”.

Our chance of winning this poll is, therefore, slight. Still, what a buzz if we totaled the largest number of votes in the heart of Israel haters’ country?

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