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29 January 2013

Counter offensive Sunday Times cartoon

Gerald Searle‘s Holocaust Day cartoon in the Sunday Times showing Benjamin Netanyahu (is he or isn’t he a synecdoche†  for Israel or Jews in general?) building a wall (The Wall/ Security Fence or is it just building?) using Palestinian blood as mortar, as an election tactic (or is that in general?) is offensive on so many levels. It supports my thesis that in the 21st Century it has become impossible to consider oneself antisemitic no matter how many Medieval antisemitic tropes you employ.

Congratulations to Honest Reporting for producing a counter cartoon so quickly‡.

Honest reporting counter to the Sunday Times cartoon

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Action item

  • Whenever you see the original cartoon, share the cartoon above also available as a Flickr link at http://www.flickr.com/photos/honestreporting/8423495226/in/photostream/
  • Upload this image to your own website, blog, social media page. The more people who do this the more likely it is that the search engines will find it and give it a prominent position.


† Somehow I knew a Bachelor of Arts degree, full of subjects from the Department of English, would come in useful, someday! A synecdoche is a trope for part of something to be used to represent the whole.
‡ All rights to this cartoon belong to Honest Reporting. Five Minutes for Israel frequently produces graphic parodies to counter Hate Israel graphics but in this case my only contribution is to applaud and distribute their efforts.

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