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star-rocket-holeHezbollah video?

No doubt you have all seen the video of an Israeli pin-point drone  strike on a car driven by two Hamas operatives. It’s all over the social media, often with a great deal of crowing from Israeli supporters. Did it bother you?

Video of drone strike

Video of drone strike
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It certainly bothered me.

It took me a while to pin-point for myself exactly what it was that I didn’t like. It’s the similarity to the Hezbollah videos designed as propaganda proof of their occasional military successes. War may be necessary but not glorious – at least not for Israel and Jews.

It wasn’t the action itself. In war there are casualties. Nor do I have a question about the moral justification in killing someone wishing to kill us although I doubt its efficiency. That’s an important secondary issue.

What do we gain by pushing this video, which incidentally the IDF didn’t film? Is it reassurance that Israel can hit fast, accurately and brutally efficiently on targets who felt themselves to be invisible when necessary? Israel supporter or Israel hater† – who had any doubts?

Is it a warning to the terrorists to behave, or else? Good luck with that. Arab society is based on an honour/shame dynamic. The more we shove our military abilities in their faces they more they feel obliged to respond. Add to that the feeling that the deceased terrorist is a martyr to be rewarded by virgins in Paradise and the cycle continues.

Nor does it seem to work as a pedagogic tool. A psychologist (is there such a thing as a national psychologist?) could possibly explain why but it seems Palestinians don’t seem to be able to put cause-and-effect together. One only has to see the reaction of Palestinians who don’t seem to be able to accept the connection between the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers and Israeli military boots on their doorsteps, for an example.

I call it the Palestinian two-step. Roughly it can be described as any violence committed by them is an acceptable act of resistance to occupation but anything that happens to them is a racist act of violence without logic or reason. Perhaps, I will expand on this in a later post but for now, I will say that celebrating a successful military operation seems to do nothing to persuade them to desist from provoking new ones.

Just for the record. I can see occasions when Israel should publicise such a video. As for instance when showing that a secondary explosion proves a target was military in nature, or that a rocket attack was coming from a civilian building.

I just don’t see this as one of those times.


Extra credit

Five Minutes for Israel tries to avoid calling Israel haters pro Palestinian. Condemning Palestinians to unemployment, corruption, religious coercion and secular thuggery, together with incitement to endless dreams of violent revenge is hardly pro anyone.

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