Don’t let al Salaymeh become al Dura

5-in-a-star Al Dura13 December 2012Borderguard policewoman shoots youth with replica gun.

Don’t give the narrative away

“I realized within seconds that if I didn’t act my colleagues would die,” she told Israel Radio. “There was no time to verify if it was a real gun.”

In any other context a policewoman who shot someone sticking a gun into the face of a fellow officer would be saluted as a hero. In any other context a person who pointed a replica pistol at soldiers/police armed with real firearms would be a prime candidate for the Darwin Awards†.

As I write riots have broken out over Hebron for several hours.


  • The youth’s name  is variously spelled Mohammed Ziad Sulaima, Mohammad Zaid Awwad Salayam and Muhammad al-Salaymeh
    • It has been reported that his brother was released from prison in the Gilad Shalit deal
  • He was shot three (3X) not six or more as has been variously reported
  • Nothing could be less relevant than that he was shot on his birthday
  • The story that he was out to buy a birthday cake is dubious
    1. He had a birthday party that morning
    2. The Tomb of the Patriarchs is hardly the place for a cake shop
    3. Who buys his own birthday cake, anyway?
  • He is described as teenager and youth
    1. At age 16/17  most Israelis are preparing for their compulsory military service. He was not a child
    2. The female Border Guard, herself, was only 20 years old
  • His weapon was not a clearly ‘toy’ gun.
    1. It was a close enough replica to fool people who are used to firearms. Judge for yourself‡
    2. In many jurisdictions close replicas of weapons are banned
  • The Border Guard acted in accordance with sensible regulations

Action items:

  • Use these resources to counter innocent child was murdered allegations
  • For her protection:
    • Only use pixellated identifying photographs e.g. top right (click for higher resolution)
    • Do not use Border Guard’s name

Toy pistol Hebron

Looks real enough, doesn’t it?

al Salyameh wioth birthday cake

Not this birthday cake – another one

Read on:

Darwin Awards recognize individuals who have contributed to human evolution by self-selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization due to their own (unnecessarily foolish) actions.
‡ I have not personally verified the source for this photograph. It will be properly labelled (or removed) when fresh information arises.

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