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17 August 2011

How can we best work to reduce Durban III to insignificance?

The Durban III hatefest will go on and it will condemn Israel, alone, for all the racism in the world. To my mind, if we can’t stop it, the most practical thing we can do is to encourage as many states as possible not to attend. Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands and the USA are already boycotting. There is strong pressure on Australia to join them. [Pressure which I have just discovered to be successful].

Some will say, and certainly some states, that they have to attend and if  there is misbehaviour they will leave. To my mind that’s a lot like attending a boxing match and waiting until  someone is punched in the face before leaving. The event is not called Durban III for nothing. Durban III is ostensibly to be a commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the first conference, yet it appears to be on track to repeat its failures†.

What else?

A good slogan

Let’s face it Boycott Durban III lacks a certain pizzazz. It’s also a little problematic. Are boycotts suddenly a good thing or is it only when they involve Israel’s enemies? I haven’t discovered the wheel here. Boycotts, unless you are a committed pacifist who would rather die than pick up a weapon to defend himself , are like war. Not all wars are just but there are just wars.

Also, on its face, this conference named after the original World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance is hard to oppose. There are ‘probably’ those who believe that is what they will be doing.

We need a memorable, punchy, slogan.
Dump Durban, Durban, Durban? I’m working on it. So should you.

A good organization

UN Watch

The URL you should have bookmarked and pinned for all information on Durban III and the related UN vote on Palestine is UN Watch  http://www.unwatch.org  @UNWatch on Twitter. They are right on the spot.

Stand With Us

As always, stay tuned to StandwithUs


Like for ISRAEL logo

Like for Israel Facebook Group will have details as will Like for Israel: Durban Facebook Group as we come closer to September 22.

The 5MFI approach (and regress)

Pick Internet media outlets which allow comments and monitor. Be the first with comments.

I’m leaving on Friday for three weeks in America so I apologise in advance that in the crucial build-up to Durban I’ll be AWOL. Unavoidable. 🙁

Read: Labor must not walk away from moral leadership at the UN†, Julia Bishop, Sydney Morning Herald, 17 August 2011.

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