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Echoes of the Bunnymen

It seems the latest wave in the BDS culture war is pressure on performers not to perform in Israel. It worked on Elvis Costello, winner of the coveted Five Minutes for Israel red clown nose (See Elvis has really left the building) but not on his wife Diana Krall. Nor Paul McCartney. Nor Leonard Cohen. Nor on the Buzzcocks (video below).

The next Destroy Israel Lobby target is a campaign on the Echo & The Bunnymen Facebook page.

Action Item: Swamp the haters

  • Like Echo & the Bunnymen on their Facebook page and encourage them to come.
  • Don’t write a novel! One sentence pointing out that accusing Israel of Apartheid is a lie and one sentence welcoming them to Israel.


The Legendery Buzzcocks performing “Harmony In My Head” at the Barby club, Tel-Aviv, Israel, on 15/3/11.
They performed with the Israeli Punk band “The Click”.

For the Record, my message was: Welcome to Israel but don’t party too hard. You might be arrested by an Arab policeman and sentenced by an Arab judge. How’s that for Apartheid?

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