Election Day and Night

25 January 2013

On this day, the 23rd of January 2013 the 19th Knesset was elected …

… and contrary to media predictions the world didn’t collapse

After voting I went to Tel Aviv with my wife for some dress and shoe shopping. I took my camera. About 5PM I took my dog and my camera for a stroll in Rehovot.

Which is which? That’s easy. Day= Tel Aviv and night=Rehovot.

Israel Go and vote  Elections 2013

Voting is not compulsory in Israel.

Sheli Yachimovich and the Labor Party Israel Elections 2013

Sheli Yachimovitz Things could be better here. The nation wasn’t sure.
Labor with 15 seats this time, 13 last time.

Meretz  Elections 2013

Is there something about Meretz that no matter how well or badly they do they seem to have more banners than anyone else?

Mofaz, Sharon and Kadima Elections 2013

You know a party is in trouble when they have to campaign with a comatose former PM.
Kadima went from the largest party in the Knesset to scraping in with two sets. (The Israeli system makes it impossible to have less). However you could argue that Kadima is also Tsippi Livni and Tnua. Still a huge drop.

Eldad, Ben-Ari and Otzma Elections 2013

Otzma didn’t get in but I suspect their votes came all from the Likud. This election for the most part the Jewish parties ignored the Arabs and vice versa. I guess they thought they wouldn’t win any votes.
Eldad and Ben-Ari were the exception. The party least likely to gain any Arab votes addressed the Arabs in Arabic. They had the best song, too.

Rabbi Amsalem and Am Shalem Elections 2013

How long do the bus ads stay up reminding everybody who the losers were? Rabbi Amsalam believes Haredim should serve in the army and work. I’m not sure if I’m sorry or not that he didn’t get elected.

Tel Aviv lonely dog Elections 2013

Surely there must be a party for dogs kept out of cafes? DISCRIMINATION!

Livni and Tnua Elections 2013

Generally Israelis don’t deface posters. Like so many Israeli politicians Tzippi Livni discovered that an international reputation doesn’t translate at home.

Netanyahu and Likud, Etzel Museum Elections 2013

I didn’t even know there was an Etzel museum in T.A. Hardly surprising that there were three Netanyahu banners. The Likud by far the largest individual party will find making a government hard and ⅓ of their seats are Israel Beitanu!

Yachimovich and Labor Elections 2013

Do these posters lost among concerts and clubs and shows really do any good for the party?

Rehovot polling place Elections 2013

Polling booths close at 10 PM.

Rehovot polling place Elections 2013

Yair Lapid did best of all the newcomers. 19 seats on his first try. Will he go the same way as Da’ash, Shinui, The Third Way and Kadima?

Rehovot polling place Elections 2013

Outside the Bachur Levy School polling booth, Rehovot

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