Friends, ‘Friends’ & Friends (?)

Is there any point in arguing politics on Faceboook?

Like most us who maintain an active Facebook account I have three groups of Friends. There are the people I know and like; the people I have met (or at least had some form of contact) and those who ‘friend’ me – and I in a moment of weakness , accept.

A couple of them are hard-core Hamas supporters who insist on tagging me in photos.  This is doubly annoying because it means that every Jews are the sons of pigs and monkeyscomment lands on my Facebook home. Yes, I know I can ‘untag’ myself and that no matter what I say these people are beyond facts and reason, but sometimes I answer with my own comment.

My aim is to be factual, polite, grammatically perfect … and sound intelligent. Something like Five Minutes for Israel without a sense of humour.

So what’s the point?

There’s no chance I can persuade these people but I can make them show their true colours and then I find others who have been tagged the same way and resent it coming out and congratulating me. Who knows I may just shake the belief system of some of those on the list.

Hear are some examples of what I mean:

  • I pointed out that some of the ‘facts’ she was arguing came from David Duke, white supremacist and one-time head of the Kl Klux Klan. I’ll bet (or at least I hope) that some of the ‘supporters’ were shocked when she supported Duke as a proud American fighting against foreigners.
  • When a picture came of the evil Zionists ‘teaching’ their children how to fire guns†I posted forty-one pictures of Palestinian children with guns, uniforms, bloody hands, suicide belts, etc. I doubt that the explanation they were in fancy dress  really impressed anyone.
  • In answer to the Pigs and Monkeys’  insult’ I asked if they were embarrassed to be constantly beaten by subhumans. (Perhaps I was a little more colourful in my prose).

I doubt this form of Action Item is as effective as an online letter to the Editor but on Facebook, sometimes you don’t choose your frinds – They choose you. Why should they be in any doubt over what I think? Your thoughts?

† Debatable. I think the picture shows an army weapons display, probably at least ten years old,. Far from a weapons lesson the Uzis are securely fastened to the table with metal cords. Check it for yourself.

 Children inspecting weapons

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