Facts with the territory


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-14631271 as it was on 31 August 2011  at 10:10 GMT

Facts are supposed to be, well, factual.

So what do we make of intended seat of government East Jerusalem? Fatah also intends Revolution until Victory. Is that a fact, a promise or wishful thinking that has no place in a profile section labeled Facts?

East Jerusalem is also a misnomer. No Palestinian ever talks about anything other than Jerusalem, without the East.

The Major religions are described as Islam and Christianity. However, there are also more than half a million Jews on the land that the Palestinian National Authority claims as the State of Palestine. President Abbas has several times stated that the State he hopes to establish will have no Jews. Is excluding them from the country profile a Fact or an Intention?

The CIA World Factbook describes the main exports of the West Bank as stone, olives, fruit, vegetables, limestone and 80% goes to Israel! Even Gaza exports strawberries, carnations and vegetables. So reducing main exports to Citrus is less than factual.

As is the accompanying photograph. A farmer on a donkey framed by olive branches is very pastoral but is the economy struggling? Surely one of the facts is that Palestine is the largest per capita recipient of aid in the world. The West Bank together with Gaza has sustained a moderate rate of economic growth since 2008. A real GDP growth rate of 5.7% (2011 est.) is more than twice the United State’s 2.2% (2012 est.) and more than five times the United Kingdom’s -0.1% (2012 est.)

Farmer on a Donkey

Olive farming is an important part of the struggling economy?

6 April 2013
By David Guy (@5MFI)


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