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From one point of view the haste that Muslims groups and there supporters have shown to dissociate themselves from the Charlie Hebdo killers is a good sign although the explanations are predictable. It is a question still to be answered whether this was a recognition that the acts were inexcusable; regrettable but the cartoonists/Jews had it coming to them or simply very bad P.R.

je-ne-suis-pas-CharlieAll this is somewhat complicated when al Qaeda in Yemen claims credit for the massacres or when (some) French Muslims openly side with the killers. In opposition to the #jesuischarlie hashtag they have introduce #jenesuispascharlie and even #jesuiskouachi.

Apparently before Mahmud Abbas left for his Paris photo-op he left a direction to suppress open support for the operation in the Palestine Authority. Even Hamas has got into the act with a condemnation. I haven’t made up my mind if this is a sign of the media savvy the group demonstrated during the latest Gaza war or a sign that Hamas is in direct competition with al Qaeda for the hearts and minds of Muslims (currently, at least in Gaza they have the bodies).

Spring must have arrived early – the conspiracy nuts are out

One response was something new to me. Strictly as a public service I am bringing it to Israel advocates’ attention. One Michael Jones (probably a pseudonym)  created a website which mimicked the BBC (no longer online). The sole purpose was to distribute a video purporting to be a BBC investigation claiming to expose the execution of a Paris police officer in the streets close to the magazine’s office as a hoax.

The BBC (frequent readers of Five Minutes for Israel know I am a critic) denies the video is authentic. Besides the Beeb would never openly reference RT and PressTV.

Thomas Wictor who has become the king of forensic deconstruction of Pallywood video agrees with the conclusion that the bullet did not kill the French policeman. The second bullet missed. It was the first that killed Achmed Merabet.

However Thomas feels the gunmen-fired-blanks conspiracy theory is ridiculous. Terrorists want to kill. Equally importantly he feels the video purporting to show splicing has been doctored. The original was one take not two.

Isn’t that Pallywood at its most blatant – a fake video inside a fake video?

Expect it to go viral.


We must stress that we are not forensic ballistics experts. Given that Officer Achmed Merabet did die in the line of duty and was buried it is not unreasonable to assume that the first bullet was the one that killed him and even if the second missed. Are we going to find a third bullet?

I do disagree with Thomas Wictor that Officer Merabet is receiving special attention solely because he was a Muslim. There is a video of his death and none for Officers Brinsolaro, murdered in the Charlie Hebdo offices and Jean-Philippe, , murdered near the Kosher supermarket. The visual wins every time over the verbal.

May Officers Merabet and Brinsolaro and also Officer Jean-Philippe all who died on duty, rest in peace.

False flags waving

The Internet is full of conspiracy theories about Charlie Hebdo/Hyper Cacher. 5MFI has spent the morning wading through the muck so you don’t have to.

Erdogan and Abbas and armoured Turkish Empire warriors who never massacred.

“The West’s hypocrisy is obvious. As Muslims, we’ve never taken part in terrorist massacres. Behind these lie racism, hate speech and Islamophobia.”

Some are of the Erdogan variety. Muslims don’t massacre so it must have been someone else. Take your pick whether that someone is Israel, the CIA or the French government.

In many cases the ‘evidence’ is:

  1. There is no evidence. The Israelis (Americans, French) are too professional to leave any which proves they did it!
  2. The Israelis and others stand to gain by an act defaming Islam so therefore they did it!

Other attempts are more ‘forensic’. Once again, we must stress that we are not forensic ballistics experts. The charge that a police man, during the Hyper Cacher, was shooting at other officers deserves expert rebuttal. The charge that the supermarket was a ‘film set’ proven by the lack of transparent windows  because no grocer exists without them, deserves ridicule.

Other ‘false flag’ indicators:

  • Hayat Boummediene (the female suspect) couldn’t possibly have escaped the police.
  • The camera at the Hyper Cacher was wobbly.
  • The decor at the supermarket was a similar shade of purple as the television station.
  • The jihadists inside opened the door.
  • Israel sent advisors.
  • Al Qaeda and Islamic State are an invention of Western Intelligence to be used against states that don’t submit to NATO hegemony.
  • Ahmedy Coulibaly met with Sarkozy in 2009 (with a group of 8 other youth from the district).
  • The West was aware of these people so they couldn’t possibly have avoided surveillance.

Seventeen people (may they all rest in peace) have died. Three terrorists (may they all rest inside a pig skin†) have also died. Why bother with theatre?

A good rule of thumb. If the conspiracy theory has musical accompaniment or superior chuckling it’s a crock.

Extra credit

† Some feel this ‘punishment is an insult to Islam but as they deny the offenders are real Muslims why should they care? It might even deter some terrorists. Threatening a suicide bomber with the noose seems like a complete waste of time.

Photograph: Turkey’s president greeted his Palestinian Authority counterpart accompanied by 16 “warriors” dressed in the military styles of successive Turkish empires. Photo: Turkish PM Press & Info

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