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24 October 2011

Beware hacking groups create fake Facebook groups

Some of you may have been approached to join the Facebook group We support Israel in war against Terrorism DON’T! It is a troll group (is there such a name?) created to suck-in Israel advocates.

Who is behind this group?

A group of ‘hackers’ known variously as Z Company, ZHC or Z Company Hacking Crew created this site and others. If any admin of a group you join starts his profile name with the letters ZHC, as in Zhc Menacing Velocity or Zhc Toshiro be warned. Some of the other admins are using obviously false nicknames so the ZHC prefix is only an indication. How many are actually involved is uncertain. If you create one false profile why not create a dozen?

Calling them hackers might be an insult to the hacking community. Mostly they establish Facebook pages designed to attract supporters of various groups they want to damage. The English Defence League (EDL) seems to have been the target of most of their focused efforts and many groups designed to attract Hindus have been set-up. That would seem to point to people of Pakistani origin living in the United Kingdom. The ‘support Israel’ group may have been a ‘oncer’ or the beginning of a trend.

Other than that they seem to join groups they disagree with and write rude comments. Not exactly the same as hacking into the Pentagon.

Why worry?

If they are basically clowns why worry?

  • Not everybody is as security conscious with Facebook as perhaps they might be. They include plenty of personal details you really don’t want in the hands of these people, including telephone numbers, email addresses and even actual address.
  • Not everybody is as conscientious in filtering out their FB friends. Mea culpa! Remember that once someone is your friend in Facebook they acquire a list of all your friends and an opportunity to spam/scam them.
  • Not everybody reads the fine print in responding to invitations. Responding to invitations as a sign of solidarity becomes an endorsement of the group for others.
Z Company Hacking Crew

Not exactly the image you'd expect as a We support Israel profile pic. is it?

I have sent the following message to my friends in the ‘We Support Israel in War Against Terrorism group’:

There is considerable doubt about the bona fides of FB Group WE SUPPORT ISRAEL IN WAR AGAINST TERRORISM! The admins look positively weird, mostly fictional and with no indication of Israel Advocacy. There is also allegations of hacking.

I strongly advice leaving the group and sharing this message with any friends who have also, with the best intentions, joined it. Everybody should report this group as a scam.

Action items:

  • If you have joined – UNJOIN!
  • If you see that friends of yours have accidentally joined – WARN THEM!
  • Everybody report this group as spam or scam – link at bottom of their FB page.
  • Report them to You Tube – I’ll need some advice from the You Tube community on how to accomplish this.

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