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Action ItemsWorld War II Concentration Camp photo repurposed as Deir Yassin

Thank goodness for Reverse Image Source. The people who distribute these lies don’t care whether there is any truth or not and won’t be dissuaded from distributing more pallywood fauxtography, by the real story of this one.

Concentration Camp Lager Nordhausen

Concentration Camp Lager Nordhausen

In the last few days a photograph has been distributed claiming to be censured material from Deir Yassin. The story attached comes Haaretz but the photograph does not.

This photograph is Gestapo Concentration Camp Lager Nordhausen, so the dead would be mostly Jews. If you look closer at the bodies they are wearing the distinctive striped pyjamas that the Nazis distributed to prisoners.

US soldiers

American soldiers with cameras making pictures of a row of dead inmates, Lager Nordhausen Concentration Camp / Myers.

In the foreground are soldiers in US army uniforms. Similar shots show this clearly.

Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center

Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center

The damaged buildings are another give-away. They don’t look the least like an Arab village. Long straight, Germanic lines of two or even three storeys are not typical. Nor are sloping roofs.

According to Wikimedia the photograph being distributed as censured from Deir Yassin shows the Aftermath of the British bombing raid of 3 and 4 April 1945 that destroyed the Boelcke-Kaserne (Boelcke Barracks) located in the south-east of the town of Nordhausen and killed around 1300 inmates.

The barracks was a subcamp of the en:Mittelbau-Dora Nazi concentration camp. Used as an overflow camp for sick and dying inmates from January 1945, numbers rose from a few hundred to over 6000, and the conditions saw up to 100 inmates die every day.

This image is a work of a U.S. Army soldier or employee, taken or made as part of that person’s official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain. 12 April 1945

Much of Deir Yassin village is still standing and is part of the Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center, an Israeli psychiatric hospital.

Action item

  • Share this information everywhere you see the WWII photograph repurposed as Palestinian.

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