Fenton caves – progress accelerated

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Fenton Communication has announced it will no longer represent Fakhoura, one of the groups that organized the Flotilla when its contract with Qatar expires. Does that mean it will no longer represent Qatar? Qatar, an oil sheikdom criticized among other things for its dismal treatment of foreign workers and medieval regard for womens’ rights could hardly have been the ideal client for a company whose niche is ‘progressive political advocacy’†

Fenton did more than represent Fakhoura. It took an active part in the propaganda campaign.
Kudos to Five Minutes for Israel readers and all the others whose pressure contributed to this result.

Fenton representatives were unavailable for comment. 🙂

† I believe the labels Left and Right are so reduced in meaning that there is no point using them. Blog post in the future. Suffice it to say if Bibi Netanyahu is frequently described as right-wing, even extreme right-wing, what is Mohammad Abbas? That bird has no wings but that is another problem.

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